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  • Elle Gee - Must buy for fleas, totally works for me and my dog.

    I live in the high desert, we normally do not get fleas. We purchased some bark at a local store that actually had bugs and fleas and we didn't know it. Until my dog was laying in the bark and came in with fleas. I sprayed him and my house with this and VOILA! Fleas were totally gone. This stuff is the best! This was last year and the fleas haven't' come back. I keep this under the sink in case something else happens. Like I said, I live in High desert, so if the fleas do not come back other bugs will. Don't ask me, but I love the smell. It's weird, but I love the smell.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Stuff, Glad it is still for sale.

    I bought a can of this stuff about 10 years ago. It worked well on just about anything I used in on. Squeaky hinges, fan motors, cables, etc. I misplaced the can and found it several years later. The can was dented and discolored. I needed some oil for something sticking and used this. Now, 3 years later, I needed to lubricate a door knob. Found the same can and used it with great success. I still have over a half a can of the stuff left. A little goes a long way. I highly recommend this item. It is very hard to find though.

  • BernardZ - Ruining a good series

    I went to see the movie being told that it was reasonable and its was not so gender political correctness so as I liked the Ghostbuster series which I felt was brilliant. I felt I had to see it.

  • Chung C. - It's cheap. It's bad when there are better choices.

    It's cheap but really annoying to use compared to other regulators out the for $10 to $20 bucks more. Spend a little more and get one with a solenoid on it. This depleted two of my 88g co2 bottles when attaching it on. It could be that I got the wrong bottles though. If you want to connect to a paintball tank you WILL need to get an adapter which then puts another $7 to $10 price tag on this. Just do yourself a favor and move on and spend the extra for a better regulator. Best advice is to spend $50 on a dual gauge you can find on ebay and get an adapter to put on a paintball tank that way you can move up to a regular co2 tank later. The cost of buying 88g disposable co2 bottles is just too expensive.

  • Bigi - Great Expectations

    I have used this product several times since purchasing it and am pleased. I do have to heat it up by sitting under a hooded dryer as I have low porosity hair, but it works wonderfully and my hair feels nourished

  • Kelly S - This stuff really works

    I have twins and have never been able to catch up to them. Since starting Motherlove, I pump at least two ounces more per session. We are down from two formula bottles each to one formula bottle each per day. I pump a little over a liter a day. More than enough for one of my 8 month babies!

  • Tech Dad - Love the case? What's up with all the other reviews?

    I'm amazed at this product. I don't know why it got such low reviews. The item fit my iPhone 7 like a perfect glove. The bad thing was you I couldn't take it off. I didn't change out the sim so I had to call the carrier to activate the new sim. This thing is a perfect fit all around. Feels great in the hand. All speaker grills and camera hole are perfect. I had similar cases in the past for my iPhone 6 by Spigen call AirSkin and they were loose around the edges so when you hold it it would make a snap sound. The AirSkin camera cutout were the regular oblong shape. While this TOZO is perfect and it raised the lens for a bit protection.

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