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  • Professor Woland - Worth the Price

    This was my first Timbuk2 product. I always thought they looked more trendy than functional, and I was pleasantly surprised.

  • J. Waldrop - Two tin cans on a string are better

    When I was a pre teen, we tied two cans at the ends of string. That had a better tone and quality that these. Heard ambient noise from behind much better than the TV.

  • Robin - Biggest modem I've seen in 10 years...make room!

    No surprises here, for the most part -- the Linksys CM3016 set up as easily as my cable/internet provider (Comcast) allowed it to...they can't seem to let go of their need for a phone call to set up a new modem (insert eye roll here)...but that is hardly the fault of Linksys. Setup produced no problems, however, and things are running smoothly. I have this modem running with a Google OnHub router, and it seems to be a pretty fast combo (though this depends mainly on your internet package, of course).

  • A. Sinkfield - One Star

    Seriously confused with the high ratings. I had a promo code to receive this item free, and it was junk.

  • Kathleen HOrne - she ate and ate and was never satisfied. Now we can go back to feeding her ...

    My Mom's cat is doing fantastically on this supplement! The Vet had her on the "medicated" dry food... she ate and ate and was never satisfied. Now we can go back to feeding her GOOD food with this supplement and have her back to good health. I've never seen a cat or a dog run to the corn or soy fields and say "DINNER""!!!! The "medicated" food from the veterinarian is not good!! We will be buying this product again!

  • PAN123 - For all those looking to be healthy

    A simple book that gives the reader a window into the history, science, and far reaching implications of this extremely important (re)discovery. Anyone hoping to live a more healthy life without adding another new device, medication, diet, exercise routine or belief system to their bag of tricks should read this book or at least look up the concept of grounding on line. No secrets, no magic, no religious or new age disposition required. Simple straightforward exposition of the electrical aspects of earth and of humans and consequently how they relate to one another on an electrical level. Positive and negative charges nothing Sedona-esque involved.

  • abby - ... on my foot that keep coming back & are painful too. I've tried remover creams & patches but ...

    I have a couple calluses on my foot that keep coming back & are painful too. I've tried remover creams & patches but they relieve the problem temporarily. The Toilet Tree callus remover really solves the problem well. I work a lot barefoot,practicing martial arts & sometimes the corns/calluses make it painful to exercise/pivot on my feet. I used the callus remover to buff away & soften a particularly painful & difficult to treat callus in between the toes and within 2 days the callus was gone! The package contains 1 callus remover with head, 1 replacement head, 2 AA batteries, and 1 cleaning brush. It's well designed, easy to grip & work with,also easy to clean since its waterproof! .

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