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  • Jas B. - Technically very effective but not an ideal design.

    I have wanted a water flosser since forever and I thought this one would be an excellent choice. It's less expensive than other brands and comes with an abundance of heads and attachments. There are tongue scrapers, normal flossers, special tips for braces, etc. It really comes with the works! You get at least 2 of each tip and 3 or 4 of some of the more common ones. There's a convenient storage compartment which fits most of the attachments. If you don't keep duplicates in there, you can easily fit one of each. I don't have much need for the orthodontic attachment so I keep that out and have 2 of the basic flossers in the easy storage space. The water output is adjustable. On it's highest setting, its pretty strong and may even be painful for some. I've experienced some mild irritation and swelling after using it on the higher settings so, I just keep it set to a medium flow and it's fine. The cord's long enough to reach any reasonable distance to an outlet. Mine is about 3 feet away and there's lots of slack in the cord.

  • Bernard Bynum - Extra Class CD by West

    If the cd are anything like Gordon West's General Class CDs they should be a hit. I used his General Class cds and passed the test on the first time. The CD forces you through the book and the questions in a very organize manner.

  • Freeballer - Waste of time

    Product was used and it didn't work when I tried to program it..oh and it doesn't come with DIY instructions.i felt like an idiot cranking my car up thirty times to try to program it..

  • Nanci Little - THE classic rock opera

    It had been at least ten years since I listened to _The Wall_. Vinyl copy lost to divorce, tape copy eaten by car player--you know. One recent day I felt the urge to hear it. Ordered it on CD, waited impatiently for its arrival . . . but waited for the right time to pop it into the player.

  • Larry - Love my fitbit flex

    I'm very much over weight, and nothing helped me to lose weight, A friend of mind told me about the fitbit flex and I just love it , It's the only thing that has worked for me.

  • Marilyn Sanchez-Osorio - Terrible reception! Not worth the money.

    This antenna is cute, but does not do a good job of receiving the radio frequencies and, therefore, the music comes in full of noise and has bad reception. Too bad, the size and looks are perfect, but what is a radio antenna that does not have good reception worth? Zero!

  • Driscoll Photoghraphy - RIP -OFF

    The only reason I purchased the 2010 Quick Books upgrade is because you are FORCED to upgrade every two years if you want to use any Turbo tax programs with Quick Books . Also after the two year period you are no longer able to use the email invoice option, Quick Books being the customer friendly group they are makes sure that it is no longer a working part of the program. The best part is Quick Books is constantly trying to sell you on all their unnecessary add on junk from credit card processing to marketing services while you are working on the program. The "do not show again " boxes do not work when checked ........... they constantly continue to pop up even after being selected to not show again.

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