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  • Linda - Wonderful product

    i've used the Agadir brand of Argan Oil for several years. After combing out my just-washed hair, I put a dime-sized amount in the palm of one hand, rub both hands together, and then rub my hands through my wet hair. My hair is long (down to the middle of my back) and that small amount is all I need. It smells so good. I've smelled other brands of argan oil and never found one that smelled as nice as this one. When my hair has dried, I put a little more on just the very ends of my hair. The argan oil smooths down frizzy hair and makes my hair feel really silky. My hair stylist uses this product in her salon. Can't beat Amazon's price, either!

  • Cheryl A. - Help for the dirtiest family in the world!

    I think I read every review on Amazon and WalMart before I bought this sucker yesterday! The problem with most bagless vacs seems to be that the dust filters clog up quickly and greatly reduce the suction force available. Further, I priced those filters at WalMart yesterday and the range seems to be $8-$18- surely I will save enough over the lifetime of this vacuum to compensate.

  • katie03264 - No reception

    I get almost no reception on my FM stations anymore, but at least my snorkel won't get beat up by my antenna any more.

  • Jenielf - Made for Senior by Seniors

    I don't like to exercise because classes in the health clubs are full of young people who are extremely thin! All the videos I look at are the same - young people leading young people in exercises that are fit only for the young and fit.

  • albert tumolillo - Extremely informative and eye-opening

    This book clearly exposes the attacks on the Catholic Church and Christianity by the current administration. It also enumerates the many assaults against the Bill of Rights. It should be required reading for anyone who cherishes liberty.

  • Malia Nash - Worst Customer Service

    I bought this product in March and just waited to activate when my key ran out. I just opened the box and everything was SEALED. I had to uninstall the old product and after installing the newest version, tried to enter the activation code.

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