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  • Jay Gilbertson - Great Gift for anyone with a wrist! Well, what are you waiting for? Get two...

    Still use this. Works so great and has kept my wrist very happy. Price is well worth it if you value your parts.

  • Thorzdad - For those experiencing the leak...

    I recently purchased the ECMP50 and have been playing with it for only a few days. I've been very pleased with the espresso it makes, though I wish the unit was a little taller with a longer steam wand, so as to better fit the frothing pitcher I already had. At a mere 4" tall, my current pitcher is too deep for the steam wand to reach deep enough to properly heat the milk. A minor inconvenience for now.

  • Brenda Angomar - It came clean and intact and the stories are great!

    I had to get this for an ENC class and even after the class I love the book and want to finish reading the stories for myself.

  • Jim R - Hidden in plain sight

    The "new" car keys don't weather the surf too well. I would stash the key in a wet suit pocket and go surfing, but it's not good with e-keys. I feel pretty secure with the Key Vault guarding my keys.

  • karen gilliam - Best for my BFF!

    I've been looking for the right dog-wash for my little BFF for nearly ten years now. He's prone to allergies and is quite sensitive to mainstream products. I was impressed with the natural ingredients of this brand and liked the packaging which I'm a sucker for. I took a chance on the purchase and it paid off. First off the smell is great and the product lathered nicely. My dog has a clean, shiny, soft coat and most importantly he's NOT ITCHING afterwards. A gentle product with pure ingredients that deliver positive results for my little guy. I highly recommend this wash!

  • SanAntonio210 - Actually works. Wasn't expecting that.

    I used to take just a store bought one-a-day multi. My neighbor told me about this and I decided to try it.

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