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Sweetbeats - Dopplers, Labour TENS & Breast Pumps - Sweet Beats - Overnight delivery Aus-wide on fetal dopplers, labour TENS machines and breast pumps. Hire or Buy. Making Mums lives easier since 2011 :)

  • https://sweetbeats.com.au/about/ About Sweet Beats - Our History - Sweet Beats started as a family-run Australian business, specialising in providing services for pregnancy and childbirth. 
  • https://sweetbeats.com.au/store/shipping/ Shipping Policy - All orders are shipped by express overnight delivery. Orders will be sent by a reputable courier or Australia Post (express) at a flat rate charge.
  • https://sweetbeats.com.au/terms-hire-sweet-beat/ Hiring Terms and Conditions from Sweet Beats - General hiring terms and conditions for your Doppler, TENS, or Breast Pump rental from Sweet Beats.
  • https://sweetbeats.com.au/fetal-dopplers/ Fetal Dopplers - Sweet Beats - Australian distributor of quality medical grade fetal dopplers. Overnight shipping Australia-wide on all fetal dopplers. Every doppler comes with free gel.
  • https://sweetbeats.com.au/doppler-hire/ Fetal Doppler Hire - Free Overnight Delivery Australia-Wide - Relieve anxiety with a medical grade fetal doppler hire. Order now and receive in one business day.
  • https://sweetbeats.com.au/doppler-comparison/ Fetal Doppler Comparison - You can preview all the features of our Sweet Beats fetal doppler units side-by-side, to help select the model that is right for your needs.
  • https://sweetbeats.com.au/fetal-dopplers/fetal-doppler-faq/ Fetal Doppler FAQ - Sweet Beats - What is a fetal doppler? Are fetal dopplers safe to use? How can I hire or buy a fetal doppler? Find out the answers to all our fetal doppler FAQ.
  • https://sweetbeats.com.au/tens-machine-hire-labour/ TENS Machine Hire for Labour - Organise your labour TENS machine hire for natural pain relief from just $50. Reliable, speedy service and great reviews on our labour TENS hire.
  • https://sweetbeats.com.au/product/obstar-obstetric-tens-machine/ ObStar Obstetric TENS Machine for labour - High-powered Obstetric TENS machine designed for use in labour. The ObStar also has modes for back pain, general pain relief and wellbeing.
  • https://sweetbeats.com.au/shop-for-labour-tens/ Labour Tens Machine Purchase - Portable TENS machine will provide pain relief during labour. It attaches to your back using electrode pads and sends electrical signals to the nerve.
  • https://sweetbeats.com.au/tens-machine-hire-labour/tens-faq/ TENS in Labour FAQ - How does a TENS machine work in labour and other FAQ about using TENS for pain relief in birth.
  • https://sweetbeats.com.au/breast-pump-rental/ Hospital Grade Breast Pump Rental $70/mth - Breast pump rental from Sweet Beats for just $70/mth with free breast shield and no deposit. Australia-wide overnight delivery to your home, work or hospital ward.
  • https://sweetbeats.com.au/shop-for-breast-pumps/ Buy Electric Breast Pumps - Overnight delivery on quality, affordable breast pumps. Take a look at the Spectra DEW 350 hospital grade pump for under $200!
  • https://sweetbeats.com.au/breast-pump-rentalfaqs/ Breast Pump FAQ's - Common Questions and Answers - Mums wanting to hire a breast pump are very often experiencing challenges - perhaps a sick baby, a supply issue or just dealing with the sleep deprivation.
  • https://sweetbeats.com.au/blog/ Sweet Beats Pregnancy Blog - Sweet Beats blog covers a wide-range of pregnancy topics, from which Fetal Doppler is right for you, to pregnant dancing Mum's.

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  • Prasanna A - Works like a charm....once you set it up.

    Very Cool. Works like a charm. I must admit that the instructions could be a tad better and simplified. However, there are videos on how to set it up. I have been using it for about 3 days...and it seems to provide a significantly better signal where earlier we would have devices unable to connect to the wifi with weak and failing signals. I went through 2 iterations to set it up...and the only thing with messing up was that I re-initialized the wireless extender and started over again.

  • Margaret Brown - Step-By-Step Medical Coding 2010

    Answers to items in the manual need to include even numbered questions. I'm studying to take my coding and billing certification exam and I need all the help that I can get.

  • Bugga - Odor gone...when used as directed!

    In order to get rid of the urine odor, I followed the directions by placing grocery store plastic bags over the Urine Off overnight. It's remarkable how this stuff works. I've tried Nature's Miracle. It doesn't come close. (If you're looking for an excellent stain cleaner for fresh accidents, Woolite Pet spray with Oxy is THE best.)

  • Rhiannon Fry - AMAZING!

    This stuff is amazing. I received a sample of it in one of those monthly beauty box things and was hooked after the first time I tried it. Smells awesome. Leaves my hair super soft and manageable. Lasts a LONG time. I bought a jar in late August, it's the middle of January and I still have some left. Probably won't need to order more for another couple weeks (note: I don't wash my hair every day, but my hair is very long, so I do use a fair amount each time). You don't actually need to slather your hair in it, I concentrate it on the ends and use whatever is left in my hands through the rest of my hair. I will most definitely be purchasing more of this stuff when I run out. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  • LeDerrius - Dont skip a day!

    Doesnt burn my skin even during a workout or after a workout or when i start sweating like that its only really one step you have to wash off so i can use the scrub in the shower put the rest on and then go to work havent been long enough to be acne free yet but i feel like its working my skin feels good (side note do not use a lot of this more cream doesnt mean more acne removal give this about a 3 month test and see if you see a difference oh and dont skip a day)

  • Jack - Lady Gaga at her best

    Loved Gaga since Just Dance. Joanne shows a different side of Gaga. She ditched the Disco dance music for a more country rock side. Gaga pulled it off and made the best album of her career

  • Diana L. Lindengrass - Beautiful crystal ornament!

    We collect these beautiful ornaments, so getting them at a good discount is a plus. As beautiful as every year!

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