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Sweet on Stitches | Professional Longarm Machine Quilting Services in Pembroke Pines, Florida - Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Longarm machine quilting service, featuring a full line of pantograph patterns. We specialize in making 100 wishes quilts.

  • http://sweetonstitches.com/about-us/ About Us | Sweet on Stitches - We are based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and specialize in custom made T-Shirt, Bereavement, Memory, Wedding, and Baby Quilts. We also offer Long Arm Quilting
  • http://sweetonstitches.com/contact/ Contact | Sweet on Stitches - Sweet on Stitches 1262 NW 192 Ave Pembroke Pines, Florida 33029 305 735 1421         [email protected]  
  • http://sweetonstitches.com/tshirtquilts/ T Shirt / Memory Quilts | Sweet on Stitches - Turn your memories into a "T Shirt / Memory Quilt"   T Shirt Quilts If you are like us you probably have a box of old shirts that you keep "just
  • http://sweetonstitches.com/memorial-quilts/ Memorial Quilts | Sweet on Stitches - These quilts have been major sources of healing for those left behind from the passing of a loved one. Our goal is to use the material you send us and create a
  • http://sweetonstitches.com/longarm-quilting-services/ Longarm Quilting Services | Sweet on Stitches - Often called functional works of art, quilts are made to be part of your life. Toddlers often find comfort and coziness in them; they enjoy the quilt’s look and
  • http://sweetonstitches.com/portfolio/loading-a-quilt-back/ Loading a Quilt Back | Sweet on Stitches - Sweet on Stitches loading a Quilt back on our APQS computerized long arm quilting machine

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  • WildScalare - Less is more...

    Fortunately I have no need for a declorinator, though I have added this to water containing varying amounts of chlorine bleach then tested for chlorine and found it effective. I really only use a water treatment for detoxifying ammonia/nitrite, usually in the bag water of newly recieved fish while drip acclimating. I've never seen any adverse effects to it, and am taking the manufacturer's word for it's effectiveness for this. I haven't the kind of testing equipment required to say if it meets those claims 100%.

  • James Stiener - Very cool!! Smart design.

    I needed a small knife that I was confident in if I ever was forced into a situation were my safety was in question.

  • Book Lovin' Momma - Big Bad Wolf packs mystery and heat!

    Awesome collaboration by Frankie Love and Isabella Starling! Luke and Hayley have a great blend of sweet, sexy, hot and badass all mixed in. There is murder and mystery involved here too, which kept me in suspense. Multiple points of view helped give us a glimpse into the characters' minds. And Frankie & Isabella definitely delivered in packing the heat into this romance! Loved how the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood theme was woven into the story as well. Enjoyed this very much!

  • Jennifer B. - Effective mold solution

    We had lots of nasty black mold on our shower grout when we moved in and the Concrobium nearly eliminated it all! I definitely recommend scrubbing with a Concrobium soaked brush after spraying the grout. The smell was not overpowering, despite the deep cleaning ability. I was surprised to find out that I needed to spray it on a dry surface and wait for it to dry again before scrubbing. This made the cleaning project take a longer time than expected, but it was well worth it.

  • Annette Wall - Heavenly!

    I used this product all last winter. It was a gift from a friend. It was the first winter that my face wasn't dry and chapped. Heavenly!! I've got my daughters using it now.

  • D. Saylor - Fantastic product!!!

    I have a long history of UTI and +2 blood in my urine, but after taking this product my urologist was shocked to find a great decrease of blood. Matter of fact, he was so concerned (where is the blood) that he sent a culture to the pathologist to rule out the possibility of cancer absorbing the blood. No cancer cells!! I will continue taking this product!

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