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Country:, Asia, JP

City: 135.52 Ōsaka, Japan

  • Nathan Davis - you are right. answers are wrong

    Many errors in the answer key. Every section has a wrong answer. Do not buy!! You will be marking yourself wrong for no reason!

  • Christina! - My Go-to!

    I use this for pole practice daily along with Tite Grip. I am an oilier person so it is very hard for me to keep my hands from slipping but the combination of the two works wonders. A little drop goes a long way and can usually last me through the majority of my session. I dont use this on my thighs or back of the knees, just my hands.

  • Bobby Speaks - I cut my hair in a tapered style and am ...

    I cut my hair in a tapered style and am completely natural. This product brings out my natural curl pattern and keeps it soft.

  • Brandy - woorks great

    This stuff is amazing. My husband periodically sleep walks and I often wake to him urinating on the floor. This stuff completely eliminates the stains and odors. Now I just let him do his thing since your not supposed to wake a sleepwalker. Thanks Natures Miracle!

  • Patrick W. - BMX Bike Missing key parts no response from company

    I purchased a bike for my son. Everything appeared to be there, but when it came time to assemble the brake system the brake lines were not with the the rest of the brake assembly parts. We have tried numerous times to call the seller with no success. The speed with which we received the item was great---but missing parts and no one answering the calls of the consumer made this a less than great buying experience. I will reconsider any major purchases again using Amazon.

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