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  • FWag506 - Fuel

    I am a female who has an underactive thyroid si I have a harder time building muscle. I recently lost over 35 lbs and am trying to get toned and tightened. I tried this because I felt that a testosterone boost may stimulate some musclerosis production or overall just build stamina so that I can work harder and have some relief with better recovery. I was surprised to find that very potent fenugreek was one of the main ingredients. I used to take that to stimulate production when breastfeeding so not sure how that correlates with testosterone or building lean muscle. Anyway, it gave me a boost of energy. I took it in the morning and it made me really nauseous. So definitely take it before bed per the directions on the bottle. I have not experienced any other negative side effects and will continue taking it until I run out. I will update then hopefully I am leaving an honest review for this item because I received a dis count. Hope this helped if it did please vote helpful below.

  • Briefus - It worked a little, but still ripped out the carpet

    It was okay. 3 stars because I did better than some other stuff we've tried, but no more than 3 because we still ended up ripping the carpet out due to the odor. In our case, the urine had already soaked through to the padding, so this was a last ditch effort. I'll try to use this again in the future if we have anymore accidents on the new carpet, and update the review later.

  • Sidney Townsend - Helps with anti-aging and skin issues

    Since every person has a different type of skin, let me give you some details about my skin. I suffer from acne prone skin that has been suffering from the signs of aging for some time. I am in my late thirties and I have almost always suffered from acne all throughout my life. It isn’t that I haven’t taken care of my skin. Things could have been much worse if I just left my skin on its own. I guess the skin gods were really pissed off when they were deciding on the kind of skin i should have. Anyways, instead of brooding over my misfortune, i kept searching for products that could make a difference. After all, science has allowed us to defy nature itself.

  • valentina - Oh goodness. The tv commercial really sold me on ...

    Oh goodness. The tv commercial really sold me on this product! I was about to purchase it. So close! Thank goodness I came here and read the reviews! Thanks for the honest review guys!

  • Christopher M Tavani - Great taste and I stack it with the Muscle Build

    Great taste and I stack it with the Muscle Build. Together they work great and I have noticed big improvements in my bench press (up 15 pounds) and squats (up 30 pounds). I take it after my workout in the mornings and I actually look forward to it. Great product!

  • Bin Chen - I haven't seen any improvement since using it

    I stop using it and also all my favorite sports, now my knee pains, which have accompanied me for 3 years, get better.

  • Shubha Yesupriya - THIS BOOK WILL TEACH YOU WRONG.

    DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK. I have never written an amazon review before in my life and my TEAS exam is in less than 24 hours but I have to take the time to discourage people from buying this book. I noticed a while ago that there are some spelling errors and didn't think much of it. BUT TODAY I was looking through the nucleic acids and DNA section and read "Guanine and adenine are pyrimidine compounds, which have two rings, and thymine and cytosine are purine compounds, which have just a single ring." NO NO NO. THAT IS EXACTLY WRONG. THEY MIXED UP PURINES AND PYRIMIDINES. And now I'm sitting here wondering how many things I incorrectly learned from this book, and how badly I may do on my exam now because of it. I tried to contact Trivium test prep and my message didn't pass the spam test. Shocker. I am so upset right now.

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