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  • Late adopter - Barrs Head Gasket /GM 3.8 V6

    I had a persistent slow leak in my 2001 Buick Lesabre 3.8 V6. Coolant was leaking out and on to the exhaust manifold making a noticeable odor. Note: coolant was not leaking into the engine oil.

  • G-Man - Roxio NXT DVD Creator is Bad News

    I've been purchasing this product for 10 years. The only thing I use it for is to do my Family DVD at the end of the year. If it would work it would be great. It NEVER works as advertised. Every year I upgrade thinking that it will work--IT NEVER DOES. I just spent 100 hours making 1 change at a time (that would be saving and restarting the program before it crashes ever 3 minutes). Do you know how many times I had to restart it while creating a family video DVD? Over 400 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what--just as I was putting the final touches on it, it crashed so bad that now I can't open the file I created. After screaming for awhile, I decided post this review. Like it? Don't tell me about Roxio support. Roxio doesn't even make it easy to contact a real person. There is no phone number. I worked with someone by email--she wasn't helpful. I read all of the Roxio "fixes." They don't work. I have a brand new computer with Windows 7 and 8 GB of RAM. It is a clean install about a week old and Roxio NXT DVD Creator doesn't work on it. How about paying me $1,000? That's about 1 dollar an hour that I put into that stupid program called Creator NXT. How can Roxio let a product like this go out year after year. I'm an IT Professor and I have never experienced such an distasterous program like this. Do I sound frustrated? My voice hurts from screaming after I lost all my work for the last 2 weeks doing what should take about 6 hours. Roxio Creator NXT sucks! Who are their competitors? I need a program that works to make my family video for 2012. Am I angry? Hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just waisted another $80 bucks on this crappy product! I'd love to go to Roxio for a month so I could lead a project team to find out who or what the problem is there. Roxio puts alot of useless garbage out on their support website. They need a real help desk with real people you can talk to? Oh yea, you have to pay for "premium support" to get that. Guess what? I through with Roxio. Just because Roxio puts alot of garbage out on their site doesn't make their Customer Support Service very good. How about fixing the program? Ever heard of Total Quality Mangement? ISO 9000? They should look it up. I'm done venting. I'm done with Roxio.

  • Deny - This product lives up to its claims and then some...

    This really works, no kidding it really does. I have an old washer that came with the home I purchased. It's inside was, well, nasty. I tried to clean it, but the stains, etc. remained behind. I tried many different products - none worked. Affresh did the job the first time I used it. The tub and agitator look brand new - no dirt, stains. I'm sure what was hidden for the eye is has also been cleaned. No more hidden soap buildup. Worth the money and so easy to use.

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