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    Country:, Europe, CZ

    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Dr. Marty - But that's probably just an effect that it will have on very few people like me.

    If you are slightly caffeine sensitive this will keep you up for days straight. I couldn't focus my mind or my vision on anything. But that's probably just an effect that it will have on very few people like me.

  • Amazon Customer - Priceless!

    I have been a Norton user for many years. Thanks Amazon for having this special on for black Friday. The instructions that was given to download was flawless. If you are a committed Norton user as I am the value was great. As I had already had this on my systems the days were added to my current time.

  • fairenough - Recommended by Sporting Store

    This bow came highly recommended by a large sporting store and is perfect as he said it would be. It is a bow that challenges and grows with the owner. My teenage son has taken up bow hunting and has put a lot of research into bows. He confirmed his research with the store and here we are - he is now practicing and happy. Very smooth draw.

  • Robert - Easing from a PC to an Apple product

    It was the only way to go when I switched from a PC to an IMac. I had 20 years of documents on my PC and once this product was downloaded to my IMac, I am still able to access my documents and pictures without reformatting them one by one. I am computer literate but not a computer wiz. I needed the program and it works for me. There is still a learning curve since the display of document files is quite different to what I'm used to.

  • Helpful Reviews - Five Stars

    They're plates. They're paper. They don't fall apart. Those are my requirements and these meet them.

  • jamb - Naturopathic favorite!!

    As a naturopath, I give this tea to several clients. It has all the herbs I would use to cleanse the liver & kidneys, but is so much easier. Love it!!

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