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City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • mellissa - Super hot scorch your sheets and beg for more sex ...

    Holy hotness Batman!! Get ready for your kindle to burn and your panties to melt. This book had it all. Drama...check. attitude....check. messed up friends and family...Double check. Super hot scorch your sheets and beg for more sex scenes...absolutely. it's not a long book but it's long enough to have a great story that hits all the points it needs to and isn't drawn out. Absolutely loved it and couldn't put it down. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  • M McAllister - Excellent Last Days Information for the USA

    You know many of the forefathers were Masons and occult oriented. You know there is a modern day fraternity within the government with some agenda that you just get hints about from modern media. This book puts it together very nicely with fascinating facts and discoveries. The conclusion does not bode well for our country. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to get insights to the seemingly stupid decisions of our recent and current leaders.

  • nopinname - Sounded great

    I love this goofy and fun song. It has medicinal properties I tells ya. Anyways, download it or don't, but do.

  • Bob Orf - I like the show in general

    I like the show in general, but I wasn't crazy about the Season 3 opener. Barry Allen just comes across as stupid and selfish the way he keeps messing with the past. Plus throughout the entire series there are major holes in the logic behind changing the past. However, I'm a huge Flash fan, I like the characters and actors, so I keep watching. It's mainly the writing I have a problem with.

  • Mike R - I can breathe!

    Holy cow, what a difference! The first one of these that I used was the first time ever that I was able to sleep with my mouth closed. Complete night and day between using this and not using it. The adhesive is great. Stays on all night without being painful to rip off in the morning.

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