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  • Bill R - Great Bag at a Great Price

    I was looking for a lightweight bag and this 4 pounder fit the bill perfectly. Great quality and features. Stand bag feature very convenient and the number of pockets for storing all your golfing accessories is amazing. Also. Callaway labelling is more subtle than most--you are not a walkng billboard for the company. Recommend this bag with enthusiasm.

  • Caitlin W. - No thanks- too much stomach pain!

    Ugh these things are the worst. I do not work for ItWorks, but bought them to support a friend's business and thought "why not?!" While, there are other products that are actually pretty good (the greens are pretty good), the last 3 times I took these pills, I got really bad stomach cramps and diarrhea. TMI, I know, but I couldn't figure out why I was having such loose stools and the only thing I can attribute it to our these pills. They are going straight in the trash. :(

  • A. Marklin - FAIL: Poor design, poor product, poor support, poor manuals, expensive

    We're forced to use this product for our dealings with Insurance companies, otherwise I would definitely use something else. This may be the market leader, but I'm sure that's becuase of inertia--once you have your data in TS, you're NOT getting it out to export to another product, forcing you to stay with their junk.

  • Will Corley - You really should try this stuff and I have yet to find a better price than on Amazon

    No joke, I lost 60 pounds while cycling on and off with this stuff. I have tried a lot of thermogenics, and I always seem to come back to this one. It literally kills my appetite and turns my body into a furnace. I have to remind myself to eat and I go all day. You really should try this stuff and I have yet to find a better price than on Amazon.

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