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  • NotaBene - Love it!

    I got it mainly for my face (I know, le gasp, I'm just bad to the bone, such a rule breaker!) even though it says not to use the ILight on your face. I'm a woman with super light skin and dark hair and I got sick of plucking in the morning, not to mention the peach fuzz which seemed to be getting thicker and darker by the day, and so I decided to laugh in the face of danger, bought it anyway, and it is probably the best purchase I've made in a while. I do use the red (incredibly nerdy) laser-glasses things, but then I have sensitive eyes and I use them any time I use this machine, no matter where.

  • Great Smooch o Reno! - I LOVE BEER and this has really good flavor beer by the end.

    I did the trick!! that being said.. It helped me get motivated to start learning how to brew and change up styles of brew to do at home, and now because of the Mr. Beer - I have plans to branch out and start a major brew of 5 gallons this coming year with other Mr. Beer recipes they have on their website. What this kit does not have are packets of LME(Liquid Malt Extract) or DME(Dry Malt Extract) to add into your basic brew. These can be found on the website as well. Even check cheaper prices on if wanted to. These LMEs or DMEs help with providing a fuller bodied beer, flavor and color to the beer, you'll get it.

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