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  • B. Westlake - Quality product that works as described, quite refreshing!

    The item works as described. It is made of quality plastic, not the latest cheapo plastic that breaks when you look at it. Item is a bit noisy, but what do you expect for something that is using simple technology to quickly cool your beverage of choice. Simple and easy to use and maintain. Bravo Cooper Cooler.

  • hairamp - this is the real deal!!!!

    I have a 2005 Sebring with 167,000 miles on it ...had a head gasket issue, overheating after the car was running a short amount of time...after using this product one month ago....No overheating , my car is back on the road.....ALL THIS FOR $35.00 ...I plan on trading car in down the road...My hope of course is the product holds til i get rid of this car....BUT BLUE DEVIL REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!

  • Julie - They worked great before, taking away your appetite and giving you ...

    I use to take these pills years ago. They worked great before, taking away your appetite and giving you energy. I don't know if these are made different now or my body reacts to them different but they don't seem to have the same effect. I still would recommend them though.

  • Joe G. - Great Stuff!!!

    Our 2002 Jeep Liberty had the engine light on for several months indicating that the #2 cylinder was mis-firing. I replaced the spark plugs and #2 coil but the light continued to stay on. I put the 16 oz can of Sea Foam in the half full gas tank and the next day the light was of and the Jeep ran smoother.

  • BrookeD - heart health must

    I've ready many good reviews about magnesium for muscle health, but many forget the most important muscle-the heart! Most Americans are magnesium deficient. know what the first thing you get in the ER with a heart attack? Magnesium! I have noticed an improvement in symptoms since taking magnesium (i have a rapid, irregular heart rate and lots of palpitations-or i used to!) Magnesium citrate is more absorbable than the commonly found magnesium oxide. The taste is a bit tangy and citric like, but it tastes pretty good mixed in a bit of juice. Careful on the dosing to avoid laxative effect, though.a

  • Bart L. Schairer - Excellent for teaching yourself Access

    I'm a couple of years behind writing this review, but I taught myself Access with just this book. Since then I'm a database maniac - I wish I had learned it earlier. This book is laid out well and fairly easy to use - something I can't say for all software manuals. For that matter, I've pretty much hated most of the software manuals I've ever used - but I love this one.

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