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  • M. Raynor - Awesome!

    We love this bike for our 4 year old son. He is 43 inches tall and great for him. He really loves this bike, would buy again! Well made!

  • Kathy Douris - Great Truck

    I worked for Hess for 20 years and purchased these truck through Hess. Since retired, I was looking for them because my grandchildren love these trucks. They are worth the money because they do so much; lights, sirens, moving parts and they can take a beating. I was so pleased to see Amazon sells them. Thank you Amazon.

  • Jessica V. - The best plan ever!

    This book is amazing! It is easy to follow Dr. Hyman's program. I have been addicted to coffee and sugar for my whole adult life so I was scared to start this program. I will admit that the first 4 days were rough, with headaches and intense pain in my joints and hips as I was detoxing. But I just finished day 10 and I am 9 pounds lighter and I have lost an astounding 20 inches all over my body. I also feel really, really good and I have been waking up without an alarm, which is crazy because usually I will press snooze for an hour before I am even ready to wake up. I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to feel healthier and reset their system. I'm so grateful to Dr. Hyman and this book!

  • RAG IP - Suicide

    There is only one valuable lesson here. If you seriously aspire to function in the fighter pilot community, do not ever, ever, do something like this. Forget you saw it even.

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