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  • https://united-concordia.cdeworld.com/go/e771 CDEWorld - Continuing Dental Education - This program will review the elements of good implant maintenance (both in-office and at-home) for the prevention of peri-implantitis and long-term success of implant-supported restorations.
  • https://united-concordia.cdeworld.com/go/e90 CDEWorld - Continuing Dental Education - Medical emergencies are an unfortunate reality in any dental practice. It is incumbent upon practitioners and their staffs to be versed in the appropriate protocols and measures to optimize outcomes when these situations arise. This lecture will review the standard emergency kit and its appropriate uses.
  • https://united-concordia.cdeworld.com/go/e907 Oral-Periodontal and Systemic Relationships Part II: Reproductive Issues, Osteoporosis, Cognitive Impairment, and Cancer | CDEWorld - Continuing Dental Education - Because the mouth is a part of the body, its health may have a crucial impact on the rest of the body. Periodontal disease is common, chronic, and inflammatory, affecting the supporting structures of the teeth. Researchers have proposed periodontal disease to be a risk factor for many common, chronic, and systemic conditions such as reproductive issues, osteoporosis, cognitive impairment, and cancer.
  • https://united-concordia.cdeworld.com/go/e908 Being Prepared for Emergencies in the Dental Office: Part 1—Emergency Equipment and Non-Injectable Medications | CDEWorld - Continuing Dental Education - Although rare, medical emergencies do occasionally develop in the dental office, and adequate preparation is essential. This two-part article discusses the equipment and medications that should be contained in any standard dental practice emergency kit. The mechanism of action of each component, its indications and contraindications, method of administration, and any warnings regarding use will be reviewed. 
  • https://united-concordia.cdeworld.com/go/e106 Community – About Us – United Concordia Dental Insurance - From free dental services to scholarships, service to the community drives everything we do. Learn more about United Concordia’s commitment.
  • https://united-concordia.cdeworld.com/go/e99 Join Our Dental Network - United Concordia - Join our dental network. With over 40 years of experience, we have an established network to help patients and their dentists succeed.
  • https://united-concordia.cdeworld.com/courses/20552-Restoring_Dental_Implants_While_Mitigating_Peri-Implant_Disease_Risk Restoring Dental Implants While Mitigating Peri-Implant Disease Risk | CDEWorld - Continuing Dental Education - Pre-planning multiple aspects of implant treatment, as well as the different components of the restoration, can help to ensure precise placement and angulation along with proper fit and connection of the implant abutment and restoration, while also helping mitigate peri-implant disease risks. Among the considerations when pre-planning implant cases is the selection of cement- or screw-retained restorations. Understanding how to best integrate cement-retained and screw-retained implant restorations is beneficial to the treatment planning process and helps prevent known risk factors for peri-implant diseases that are associated with the implant restorations themselves.
  • https://united-concordia.cdeworld.com/courses/20512-Infection_Prevention_and_Control:Implementing_a_Culture_of_Safety_within_the_Dental_Practice Infection Prevention and Control: Implementing a Culture of Safety within the Dental Practice | CDEWorld - Continuing Dental Education - Patients expect quality dental care that is delivered in a safe environment. The goal of any infection prevention and control program must be to prevent infections in patients associated with the provision of healthcare, as well as any injuries and illnesses to the healthcare personnel rendering that care. Any program that prevents or minimizes the risk of transmitting pathogenic organisms within the dental practice must be based on a set of policies, procedures, and practices consistent with current CDC recommendations, OSHA regulations, and site-specific needs. Standard Precautions are the foundation of infection prevention and control programs for dental healthcare settings. This article reviews a “best practices” philosophy for the development and management of an infection-prevention program that effectively and efficiently promotes both patient and healthcare personnel safety.
  • https://united-concordia.cdeworld.com/courses/20456-Dental_Implant_Maintenance Dental Implant Maintenance | CDEWorld - Continuing Dental Education - Patients and their dentists need to understand that implants are not the same as teeth—particularly in how they attach to bone and soft tissue—and, therefore, they must be maintained differently and monitored carefully, both at home by the patient and during hygiene visits. In all cases, dental implant maintenance protocol should be personalized for the needs of the individual patient, and clinical implant parameters should be documented on a regular basis. Most of all, every effort should be made to prevent progression of peri-implant mucositis to peri-implantitis, which is unpredictable and can lead to failure of the dental implant.
  • https://united-concordia.cdeworld.com/courses/20449-Being_Prepared_for_Emergencies_in_the_Dental_Office:Part_2-Injectable_Medications Being Prepared for Emergencies in the Dental Office: Part 2. Injectable Medications | CDEWorld - Continuing Dental Education - As health professionals, dental professionals carry the responsibility for the safety and well-being of their patients and should always be prepared for all types of emergencies. The second installment of this two-part series presents a discussion of injectable medications, their proper use and storage, and their correct applications.
  • https://united-concordia.cdeworld.com/courses/20360-Oral-Periodontal_and_Systemic_Relationships:Part_I--Cardiovascular_and_Diabetes Oral-Periodontal and Systemic Relationships: Part I—Cardiovascular and Diabetes | CDEWorld - Continuing Dental Education - The health of the mouth may have a significant impact on the body. Periodontal disease is common, chronic, and inflammatory, affecting the teeth’s supporting structures. The condition is thought to be a risk factor for many systemic inflammatory diseases and conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes mellitus. This article will define this disease briefly and discuss the systemic conditions with which it has been linked.
  • https://united-concordia.cdeworld.com/courses/20359-An_Overview_of_Capnography:A_Ventilatory_Monitor_for_Sedation_in_Dentistry An Overview of Capnography: A Ventilatory Monitor for Sedation in Dentistry | CDEWorld - Continuing Dental Education - Monitoring the dental patient’s breathing during sedation is essential for preventing adverse outcomes. Endorsed by several professional groups, capnography is one of several methods for monitoring sedated patients. Other techniques discussed are precordial stethoscope, clinical observation, and pulse oximetry. A brief discussion about the levels of sedation and anesthesia follows.
  • https://united-concordia.cdeworld.com/courses/4957-The_Oral-Medical_Disease_Connection:Pregnancy-Cardiovascular_Disease-and_Diabetes The Oral-Medical Disease Connection: Pregnancy, Cardiovascular Disease, and Diabetes | CDEWorld - Continuing Dental Education - There is considerable perplexity regarding the oral-systemic connection. Existing research, including epidemiologic findings, interventional studies, and a smaller number of reports seeking to elucidate mechanisms of action, have been somewhat contradictory. Of importance to the practicing clinician is how to gain understanding of this abundance of emerging scientific evidence, synthesize it, and integrate it into clinical practice. In essence, clinicians need to be able to authoritatively respond to their patients’ inquiries regarding relationships between oral and systemic disease. This article seeks to provide insights to this issue with regards to pregnancy, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.
  • https://united-concordia.cdeworld.com/courses/4960-Dental_Oncology:Caring_For_Individuals_Battling_Cancer Dental Oncology: Caring For Individuals Battling Cancer | CDEWorld - Continuing Dental Education - A diagnosis of cancer comes with many emotions and questions. The patient and his or her family may feel overwhelmed with new information and treatment options, but having a knowledgeable and caring team of doctors and support personnel can reduce the emotional toll and contribute to comfort and well-being before, during, and after cancer therapy. The dentist who understands the systemic impact of cancer care and knows how to manage the direct and indirect oral effects of the disease is poised to be an important member of that oncology team.

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