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  • Amazon Customer - This comes on at weird hours that I am not ...

    This comes on at weird hours that I am not accustom too. I had to turn it off. I came on during a church service, that was a weird moment.

  • Saskswan - Best Soy/Dairy free cheese out there.

    With two soy/dairy allergic children we were so excited when we discovered Daiya. They love it no matter how we use it. Imagine being a kid and not being able to enjoy cheese.. I would say the only thing they could improve on is the smell... it's quite strong. But as long as the kids like it - we'll continue being huge Daiya fans!

  • Amanda Redwine - Only 40% Through and Already Seeing Change!!!

    You'd think I'd be talking about changes in my child, but the truth is the biggest change has been in me! I was such a part of the problem and this program really is helping me to see where I've fallen into common pitfalls and given me simple, relevant options for doing something different. I tried them and they're working. Now, will it work for everybody? No idea, but this mom is a believer.

  • S. Rossiter - You Will Want To Own This Book

    Every potter and vessel maker, every student and teacher of ceramics, every person interested in ceramics should read CERAMICS by Philip Rawson. In fact, you will want to own a copy of this book so you can re-read it and loan it to other people. (I received no compensation for that statement.) CERAMICS is an exceptional source for expanding your knowledge of and vocabulary for critically viewing, appreciating, discussing, and writing about ceramics.

  • Karen Tempfel - Didn't work well enough to even use it for watching Tv!

    Just doesn't work as we expected. tried all of the options. Don't recall anything about notifying them if 14 days if we aren't

  • Amy G. - The quotes on each picture are nice and the pictures are fun and relaxing to color

    I am LOVING this coloring book calendar. The pages are a bit thin so you'll want colored pencils. Markers will bleed through to the other side. The quotes on each picture are nice and the pictures are fun and relaxing to color.

  • Cap'n - ok, nothing real special

    It does help my wrist somewhat, but it is harder than I was expecting. I don't see how there could be memory foam in it unless it is a paper thin piece of it with a really dense base foam. Ergonomics nice, materials could use some improvement...

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