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Urologists Dallas, Texas | Urologist Dallas - Urology Institute - Dallas, Texas urologists fully focused on the urinary tracts of males and females. This Urology Institute health care center is best for surgery of urinary

  • https://urologyinstitute.com/services/erectile-dysfunction-impotence ED Dallas - Erectile Dysfunction Treatment | Urology Institute - Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is an erection problem. Urology Institute gives best treatment and suggestion for Erectile dysfunction (ED) in Dallas Texas.

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  • Darlene Suniga - Doesn't make the claim...

    I have been using the oil for almost four weeks and have not seen any hair growth. It made my hair softer but that is all that it has done for me.

  • Debra Boudreaux - This mirror is pretty awesome. It comes packaged nicely in a box ...

    They did not have back seat mirrors when my kids were babies. I purchased the back seat mirror for my granddaughter.. This mirror is pretty awesome. It comes packaged nicely in a box and has a protective film over the mirror portion. I was able to install it in less than a minute. It's held onto the headrest with two adjustable straps that secure with a buckle. The mirror itself is about 11.5" wide and about 7.5" tall. It can be rotated so that you get the perfect viewing angle. The back of the mirror where it attaches to the headrest is a soft foam material.

  • Anthony - After 8 months of Use..

    I bought this product on May 29th of 2013 and started using it the first week of June on my right big toe. That toe nail was the ugliest and so embarrassing. Since I had five bad toe nails, I decide to just start with that one toe since I had heard its the hardest to cure.

  • Keith M. - Don't bother.

    Doesn't Work. As recommended I used the two-part system, purchased at Home Depot, and applied it to new white leather New Balance walking shoes. Following the instructions precisely, I applied two base coats, giving 1 hour between each instead of the 30-min. minimum. Then I applied the top coats, again waiting 1-hour between each to assure maximum drying. The air temp. was about 75 deg with 45% R.H. I waited approx. 24-hours to use the shoes to insure max curing. I was suspicious as the surface felt tacky and I was proven right. The new white shoes picked up every spec of dirt they contacted and my new shoes looked like I had marched thru a bog! Within 1-week the coating started peeling off, like a bad coat of lacquer. I can't wait for it to peel completely off so my new shoes can go back to looking new...almost. I have tried to contact Rustoleum thru their website but all I ever get is "This page can't be displayed" so apparently even their website is defective as well. The box said to contact Rustoleum directly at an 800 number, but the box, and my receipt, are long gone.

  • Matt D - Good Value

    Fit perfect, and I like the amount of flexibility in positioning the cleats on the bottom of the shoe. Stiffness of the sole makes a tremendous difference - you feel much more connected to the bike. I have noticed some numbness on my medium length (20-30 mile) rides. In fairness, I suspect the problem is cleat positioning. The advantage of these shoes is how many adjustments you can do - unfortunately this is also a weakness as you may spend some time "dialing in" cleat position and strap tightness. Once you do, however, they're fantastic boots - and for almost half the price of other top name brand carbon cycling shoes.

  • ac4warrior - Having been totally in shape, and totally out of shape, this game is perfect for anyone

    I've been on both sides of the spectrum, athlete/military shape and total couch potato working up, this game has stuff for the complete range of different fitness levels people are at. If you are starting from pretty much zero they gradually work you up with pretty good exercises and bursts of sprinting during the runs to get your heart rate going. I started out not even being able to finish the first Run exercise to finishing the first and working on the second. Totally 100% excellent game IF you have the motivation to get in shape, you can't beat this game.

  • James P. - Works well

    I have had another version of this unit that is specifically for AGM batteries and have had excellent results with it. When my old lead acid battery charger/maintainer died I knew I wanted a version similar to my first one to replace it. So far this unit works exactly like my other unit and I expect good things of it.

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