Natural Remedies for Dogs, Cats & Horses - Allergies and older Dogs and Cats treatment. Clinically Proven and Environmentally Sound products.

  • Natural Pet Products - ArcaNatura's products are all 100% natural, eco friendly and clinically proven by our veterinarian CEO.
  • Resolution-3 Anti Itch System - Coming soon: 3-Step Itchy dog natural detox kit. 3 Steps for all natural itch relief There are 4 key elements for the successful resolution of allergic dermatitis and itching for your dog : eliminate and avoid the allergens; mana...
  • Natural Tick Removal Spray - ArcaNatura - Natural tick removal spray and tick key. Tick Removal Kit Directions Science Behind it ...
  • About ArcaNatura USA -   Three years ago, a trio of veterinarians founded ArcaNatura in France to bring pet lovers new, clinically-proven, natural medicine for their dogs, cats and horses. In 2011, ArcaNatura launched in the U.S. bringing with them a commitment to natural solutions for common ailments like allergies, arthritis and infection.
  • Clinically Effective ‹ ‹ Natural Remedies for Dogs, Cats & Horses - All of ArcaNatura's products are clinically tested and scientifically proven to benefit your pet. ArcaNatura is committed to functional, natural herbal veterinary medicine.
  • Environmentally Sound ‹ ‹ Natural Remedies for Dogs, Cats & Horses - ArcaNatura believes that if we all work together, we can help reduce the carbon paw and hoof prints left on our environment, one pet at a time. We are aware of how environmentally conscious our customers are and we understand the risks posed by pesticides and chemicals used by other providers of ...
  • Our Causes ‹ ‹ Natural Remedies for Dogs, Cats & Horses - Make a difference with every purchase. ArcaNatura strives to provide natural, eco-friendly, safe and effective solutions to the many common problems faced by pet owners like you. By using ArcaNatura's holistic products over traditional chemical-based ones, you are making an important difference in bettering our world and the health of your pet.
  • Press ‹ ‹ Natural Remedies for Dogs, Cats & Horses - Currently Under Construction Selected Articles Connecticut Innovations invests in two local startups by Patricia Daddona, The New London Day - 09/20/2011 Is an "Animal health care product company committed to developing natural, high quality, clinical trial tested health products (mainly from plant origin) for t...
  • Investors ‹ ‹ Natural Remedies for Dogs, Cats & Horses - Investors, if you are interested in investing in ArcaNatura LLC, please contact Dr. Serge Martinod For general facts and information see the Arcanatura Fact Sheet ...
  • Contact ‹ ‹ Natural Remedies for Dogs, Cats & Horses - We'd love to hear from you! Please contact the ArcaNatura team or Dr. Serge Martinod with any questions, concerns or feedback using the form below. You should hear back from us within 24 hours.
  • The older Cat. Omega-3 DHA can Improve the Quality of his Life - Omega-3 provides important benefits for the older cat, including allergy reduction, arthritis relief and cancer management. With improvement in feline health care in general, the life expectancy of cats is increasing with more than 40% of cats over 7 years of age and more than 10% over 12 years of age.
  • A Breakthrough for the Treatment of Equine Scratches -   Horse Scratches Symptoms Horse Scratches, also known as equine scratches, greasy heal, mud fever, dew poisoning, cracked heel or equine pastern dermatitis, is a chronic, but progressive  dermatitis. It affects all breeds of horses, but is most common in heavy draught horses like the Clydesdales.

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  • Raquel - Excellent product and customer service!

    I bought this in December 2013 ahead of the start of my remodel. Almost a year later when it was finally installed we found that one of the edges had a dent. I contacted the seller and had a replacement cover in about 3 days. They responded to my emails overs the weekend. The vent hood is nice and quiet and looks great!

  • Sway1727 - It was a great purchase. Thank you

    This cargo cover fits perfectly in my 2017 GMC Terrain and the color (black) matches my interior. It appears to be a universal fit even though the item name states 2010-2014. It was a great purchase. Thank you!

  • Brady - Great Product

    Product arrived on time, and was exactly what I needed, but for half the price of similar products! Thanks!

  • Amelia, Austin Texas - This book totally sucks.

    I expected this book to introduce Excel, describe what it is, how you can use it, and so on, NO! It jumps right in explaining the technical details of the Excel 2010 product and how you do certain things. I wanted an introduction.

  • TDC Book Reviews - awsome

    About the book: Julia is one of those bubbly always cheerful women. Her neighbor across the hall Cain could be seen as a cold, cranky type of guy and during the holiday season, a scrooge. One day Julia catches him stealing her newspaper in the foyer of their building, claiming someone steals his. Julia has been looking for the perfect topic for a blog that could jumpstart her career with a company she has applied for. With just twelve days until Christmas, she decides to kill Cain with kindness and report if this changes his demeanor at all. Julia and Cain both have a preconceived notion of the other based on instinct, but can instincts change?

  • Rhonda C. - Does not live up to the hype.

    I find the coverage to be sheer and uneven. I too have tried a couple of different ways to apply, fingers, sponge, brush, and I still don't get good results. I purchased from a local rep so I probably won't return it but $32.00 is a lot of money for a foundation compact that I won't use. I expected a full coverage make up and I'm having to use mineral foundation over it to get the coverage I want. There is a lot of hype around this product line but I just don't see that much that is unique about it.

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