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  • Corey B. - Broken upon arrival

    Two of the hubs were broken upon arrival. One had a clip that was broken off. The other had a crack visible on the exterior. To give the seller credit, there was paperwork to return if damaged, but at this price, it really wasn't worth the hassle. I went ahead and installed them and they are fine.

  • J. B - Still too technical

    Perhaps this book is meant for people who already understand Quickbooks and its features. I did not and this book was way too technical to help me to understand how to use the program. I gave up and resold the book. If you don't already a good understanding of Quickbooks, perhaps look for a Complete Idiots Guide or Dummies Guide first.

  • isaaceluna - Does NOT create a watermark on jet black iPhone!!

    Looks great! Feels great! And it looks like it could really protect the phone against drops. It actually works great with the jet black iPhone and does not create a watermark effect.

  • Kimberly S - Eliminated my headaches, and got the gunk out!

    I've been using this every other day since I purchased it, and I'm feeling that my nasal passages are much clearer and my frequent sinus headaches are gone! Other reviewers say it's hard to get used to, but I guess I had it angled correctly from the get-go because it's worked flawlessly for me. Couldn't believe the nasties that came out, yuck!

  • kaypg - Compared to someone like O'Reilly he towers with integrity and intelligence

    One of the brightest authors alive. He does attract your interest and remains very factual. Compared to someone like O'Reilly he towers with integrity and intelligence.

  • Troop Gug - A real pain to install on multiple computers.

    For ease of install, this gets a zero. I purchased 4 laptops for my kids. Each had a 1 month trial of LiveSafe on it. You are not able to just enter the code and extend the subscription. I contacted McAfee. You have to uninstall the trial version. McAfee then wants you to run a program from their site called MCPR which uninstalls every McAfee program from you computer. Then you need to download a fresh install of LiveSafe for each computer. Then reinstall the non-LiveSafe software that MCPR uninstalled. It took me hours to get this thing up and running.

  • Bachall - I wholeheartedly recommend his product!!

    This is an excellent product that far exceeded my expectations. I bought the first jar for my mom who had a rash on her leg for three weeks when she called it to my attention. I also purchased the bar of soap for her. I used both products on her twice a day and the healing that took place was dramatic. Her leg had previously looked like she was and burn victim and now her leg is healing beautifully and the skin is turning a healthy pink.

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