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  • MoMo Inc. - pure crap

    Enterd all league settings blah blah ... hit update and it just loaded ... and loaded ... and loaded. Reinstalled and same thing. Left phone. .. came back 2hrs later and still loading.

  • rw80227 - Very Disappointed

    Purchased this believing that it could actually convert blue-ray movies for viewing on my pc and handhelds. It won't play a blue-ray movie for starters, how pathetic to have blue-ray authoring software that won't play back it's own compilations. As far as getting audio to work right forget it, you have no control choosing audio tracks. The fit to disk indicator bar value changes after you start burning a disk, so you don't know if the project will really fit on a disk or not. I did find a DAPlayer for free on the web that plays blue-ray movies. If you have NO need for blue-ray support this software is ok, but ArcSoft is way better. I wasted my money on this and as far as technical support goes I have never gotten a response as of yet. Do more shopping before you decide to buy this software!

  • VERNON COSENTINO - Cost effective

    I use these masks all the time when I am on the go. Its great for reducing my black spots. I have been using these for last 3 months and have found nothing to complain about it. I have pale and sensitive skin that burns irritatingly when exposed to the sun for longer time. I just can’t wait to go home and put it on my face for 15 minutes and feel refreshed and comfortable. The other advantage of this mask is that fine lines around my mouth has been drastically reduced since I started to use this product. On top of that they are so easy to use. Just soak the soft cotton pad in the potent serum and apply to sooth the skin. Awesome product. No need to visit spa centers for treatment anymore. So cost effective for me.

  • R. Mcalister - Well built

    Fits snugly in the 2" receiver, metal feels solid and well built. Minus one star because it sticks out about 1" from the lip of the receiver (including the dust cover). The rubber spacers take up the space to prevent rattling. Easy to install and operate. Would recommend to a friend.

  • Jessica - Love that it fits my chicco

    Love that I can buy an attachment to fit my carseat and have a snack tray for my 2 year old. Tried the carseat with the 2 year old, he wasn't thrilled because it was taking up a little of his space...he will get used to it- he still has more room than in his Babytrend single jogger. Don't love that the carseat feels a little bulky when clicked in and my toddler can't see the baby next to him, just the carseat.

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