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  • Skyler - Awesome company and mattress but was just not for me.

    I absolutely love the goal of this company and the customer service has been amazing. But this mattress is not for me. I have an issue with the Star rating I'm giving it. The mattress is obviously well constructed and I love the feel of it. But it's just so firm. I have a lot of back and neck pain and it had made my neck a bit worse and I consistently wake up with a sore back now rather than my old mattress I would only occasionally wake up with back pain.

  • 2010duser - Not worth the money

    I worked at a dealership that sold the Xzilon product, it takes time to apply and a good 24 hours for the fabric protector to dry. The dealership does NOT pay for Xzilon. And yet they charge 550$-800$. At my dealership, they gave Xzilon 250$ and the sales men/fiance guy got commission off of it. I apply Xzilon to my vechile about 5 times a year because it does not last forever like it states. I can say it helps wash the bugs off easier and keep the brake dust off of my rims.

  • chem - Really nice, heavier weight

    Really nice, heavier weight, well made trucks. Very vivid bright lights, the sounds are unfortunately at an impressive volume lol. The tractor moves. Wonderful trucks-already planning on adding to my sons collection this Christmas!!

  • Tanya D. Self - Insulin Resistance Diet

    Good book. Clearly writen with standard medical terms, guidelines are easy to follow and fairly straightforward. Includes a restaurant/fast food/supermarket food value list. Good results when following the plan. No severe restrictions on carbs.

  • Luis Aguirre - Hydroxy-Awesome!

    It works great, although if this is someone's first time trying it I suggest following the products can really mess with your stomach if you aren't used to it. But, works like a charm with a good workout routine and good eatin'!

  • Erick N. - Worked perfectly for my 2008 Altima Coupe to replace a lost remote!

    This saved me roughly over $200 if I would have had to buy it through the dealer. Dealer only charged me $25 to program it with my car...Lock Smith didn't charge me to cut the physical key....Great product!

  • Shirley - All mixed Up

    I think I must have gotten a defective set. Each bag contained lots of pieces that did not assemble anything. Everything was mixed up. My son is 4 and loves opening a lego every day, but gets very frustrated when the pieces do not make anything. I am sending this back. Annoyed. This is my second major disappointment from Amazon this holiday season, they are losing their game.

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