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  • Jeannette Desino - I wish I read this 22 years ago!

    This is an easy book to read the way it's written. When you realize what he is saying is a description of your life and what you have been living for years it's an incredibly hard book to read. But none the less it identified my own short comings and errors along the way.

  • Skippyspot - If you have a mammal with long hair in your house, you'll need this.

    Good solution to a common hair problem. If you have a standard fiberglass tub (most of America unless you have a very outdated home, or custom shower), this will easily fit for sure. Just unscrew the one screw and remove the screen, and pop this bad boy in. Don't expect it to sit flush with the floor, its not suppose to. It sticks up a few centimeters, but since its all soft (silicone I think), it won't hurt anyone if you step on it. I can already see how the hair collects down at the bottom. The fact that you simply pull it out, clean it, and pop back in means I can clean it out more often then before when I would have to grab a screw driver.

  • Mark T. Greene - Awesome

    Great energy, wonderful songs, and an absolutely ALL STAR BAND! And it was recorded at the Ryman Auditorium. Can't get much better. Happy 72nd birthday Ringo, and best wishes for MANY more!

  • Escondido - Not to be missed!

    What a terrific series! Billy Bob Thornton is excellent as an attorney with a drinking problem and a messed up life, divorced and booted out of the firm he co-founded. He still practices law in a haphazard way when a seemingly simple case concerning an insurance payout comes knocking on his door. Billy (also his character's name) smells a rat and can't help but begin a torturous search for the truth. There's much illegality committed by an evil defense contractor, so Billy's quest isn't easy. The growth of complexity in the plot is most delicious. The acting and the production are both first-rate. Already I'm longing for season 2.

  • Caroline Lyons - Beware of Caffeine side effects!

    Severe anxiety, palpitations, confusion, sweating, unable to make sense.. I thought my heart would jump out of my chest. Depersonalised. Horrific. Very scary few hours. Had to have a friend come to me, to drive to collect my children and look after my baby. Just two capsules.

  • Britnie - Love the fllo!!!

    I absolutely love this seat. We have 3 fllos and they are amazing. We are able to fit 3 across in our 2012 Nissan Rogue. Such a lifesaver that we didn't have to buy a new car because of our new addition. The install is pretty easy if you READ THE MANUAL. I love that the seat belt install is so secure, thanks to the seat belt locking clips. My two oldest (almost 5 & 16 months) love their seats and have plenty of room even though the seat is narrow.

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