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  • Sarah V - Grew on me, now indispensible--use less powder if you're a casual user

    I've experimented with a lot of protein powders before, all of which i've ended up throwing out. I prefer to eat most but not all meals vegetarian, but I've found protein to be really important to my overall energy levels and weight maintenance, and a personal trainer friend encouraged me to find ways to add more non-animal based proteins into my diet for the best results. I'm not an athlete or nutrition expert by any standard, so look to the other reviews for that. Initially i found the addition of it to my daily frozen fruit and water smoothie gross. I don't even like almond milk or anything in my smoothies so I was like whoaaaa nelly that's weird tasting. If it makes any sense, i still thought it tasted "powdery" even blended in using my Ninja. What i discovered works really well for me is to use less than the full serving size. So they give you the little scoop inside, and I scoop about half to 3/4 of one of those into a regular size smoothie. It also helps to put this in LAST, because otherwise i find the powder gets stuck at the bottom if you're using a single serving blending device. Why am I giving it 5 stars despite my mixed feelings? Because there are very few "go to" items i can eat every day of my life without a problem. For starters I have an extremely sensitive stomach, and am prone to severe headaches and other side effects from preservatives in food and other artificial ingredients. So five stars, because I can confidently recommend that this product will be a safe and enjoyable part of your everyday protein adding needs!

  • Jdoggy - GFCI outlet tester, just what I needed

    Doing some receptacle replacements in the house, this was exactly what I needed to verify the circuits were all functioning as they should. Can't put a price on safety really but this cheap little item gave me the confidence to tackle the job knowing I had power correct and that the GFI protection was ready to do its job. I also used it to check all the exterior receptacles around the house. Definitely got my money's worth and have a nifty tool in the box for the next time.

  • Dazzlingleopard - Family Fun

    This was my granddaughter's favorite Christmas gift! She plays it constantly. I get "the best grandma" award.

  • Love shopping - I love it.

    I waited to rate the thyroid, adrenal, and liver support because I was sketical. The following is what I have observed as results.

  • Maria V Santiago - I like it, but...

    I really like the product and when I ordered it I really need it. My 10 months old baby need a place in his stroller where he could grab his snacks. But I found out that the tray is super easy for him to push it out. So that will be my only negative thing about this product.

  • Amazon Customer - Bought two, only lasted a month and a half ...

    Bought two, only lasted a month and a half. It seem they change there description about year warranty so I'm stuck with a broken divice. Don't buy.

  • Mom2two80 - Nails!

    I had my nails done last year (acrylic junk) which ruined my nails.. And my nails wouldn't grow at all.. Not until I took these. I had tried all kinds of hair and nail pills trying to get them to grow back and nothing worked until I started taking these. (I already have TONS of hair) People can review this and that about absorption and such, but I KNOW this stuff works. I will be ordering again!

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