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City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

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    We were so excited about this TV. The Tv never made to the house . I will never recommend to anyone buy nothing from them.

  • Black Hole Gang - Preferred because of the shorter interval workouts

    My son prefers this to another he has tried because the other workouts ranged up to 50 minutes long. These are 25 minutes long with another couple of minutes to stretch afterwards. The shorter time makes it more manageable in a tight schedule, he is still sweating and pumped up by the end, and we saw visible improvements after a few weeks.

  • One word awesome - Cool

    I like this app because its ad free & it has excellent graphics for a kindle defiantly a recommended app.

  • Rhonda - Good song

    Not my favorite, but a good song. I do like to hear it, but there are other songs that I like better.

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