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  • Robert S. Wright - Perfect for planning a trip

    I have been using AutoRoute to plan trips to Europe for years. In this version I was able to chart out a driving route in Germany that will allow me to hit up to 8 castles in a single day in the ODENWALD. Many of the castles are not even mentioned in guidebooks and are nearly impossible to find directions to on the internet (at least in English). This software will show you exactly where they are and helps you determine what roads you need to get there. A GPS is great for when you are there but you need to have an idea of where you are going before it can be useful. I also love the tie-in to bing maps. Once I find a location, I can jump to a satellite view in Bing maps to see what the terrain is like. Overall, great piece of software.

  • Froggy1337 - Five Stars

    Outstanding and very entertaining. Hits a Bulls Eye for its accuracy in dealing with many CEOs and more.

  • DLG83 - I like it so far....but I did experience some glitches.

    I received a Luminess Air ‘Beauty System’ for Christmas this year. I have never used an air brush makeup system and typically stick to using a spot concealer and a tinted moisturizer. I need a product that is Simple Simon and allows me to apply my make up quickly, while still achieving good coverage.

  • Erin zhao - Great Racket

    Good racket with practical price. I received a blue racket instead of a read one. If it gets me another choice to choose the color, I will definitely choose the red one. Then it is perfect.

  • Kyle - Good virus protection, annoying alerts, limited applications.

    First of all, I hate the fact that I couldn't get this on a CD...all you get is a code that allows you to download it from McAfee. Second of all, it's supposed to work with XP but won't work with FireFox. It want's me to upgrade Windows Internet Explorer in order to be able to install it on my older PC. Would have given another star if it came on a CD and worked with FireFox.

  • smarch43 - Her coat is starting to grow in beautifully and she smells wonderful

    My vet recently diagnosed a fungal condition in my cocker spaniel. I am bathing her three times a week on his advice. Her coat is starting to grow in beautifully and she smells wonderful. It is a great product and I am especially impressed that the shampoo doesn't just blast out of the bottle. The smaller opening allows me to control the amount used without fuss. That is a great advantage when I am bathing my retriever who is wiggly.

  • Christopher Nassoiy - If you do the 30 cleanse right (and there are ...

    If you do the 30 cleanse right (and there are 3 different ways to do the cleanse) then you cannot fail to be successful, that is my personal experience and many other's that I personal know.

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