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WhyHope.com - Hardball about Mental health, Stigma and Society - Autistic Rights! - Victim of criminals in the Ohio legal system, Scott W. Spencer and his Bowling Green,Ohio, peers.

  • http://whyhope.com/photos/fortknox.html Fort Knox - Kentucky - My Photos - WhyHope.com - Look photos from the life of someone with mental illness. These pictures may surprise some people.
  • http://whyhope.com/why/living.htm#cure My life - mental illness is creativity or danger? - WhyHope.com - Bipolar disorder creativity. Social dangers, attacked for being mentally ill, doctors. Poem: Stigma is society's hate crime.
  • http://whyhope.com/why/army-danger.htm PTSD - Army and VA experience - WhyHope.com - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Diagnosed and punished for Bipolar Disorder. Does the VA care about stigma?

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  • Amazon Customer - This Is The Best AV - Hands Down

    By far the best AV product out there. Extremely accurate and lightweight. Never had any issues with the installation of this product on many different systems. I have used it on Windows 7 all the way through Windows 10. Even with an unscheduled upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 it handled itself remarkably well. How it's getting multiple 1 star reviews I have no idea. All I can say is either the installer was clueless or they are deliberately misleading. It integrates itself very well into your browsers and has paid for itself many times over by stopping web page loads of malware laden sites which seem to become more and more prevalent. Highly recommended.

  • tom morgan - Very good.

    It was just what I ordered and is just what I expected. It was delivered in a timely manner. Very good.

  • Monica Carrion - Didn't work

    This is labeled for an 8 year old. I took it to scouts and had my den of 9 year old boys assemble it.....a few steps in they got bored and it was so complicated and had such tiny pieces and some pieces to long others too short to do what the directions indicated. We wasted an hour....anhd even had a person who builds circuit boards and puts PC's together try to help them and in the end it did absolutely nothing. Don't waste your money on this one if you don't want disappointed kids.

  • Clayton Roy Lemieux - for any one wish to learn AutCad

    it a very good learning AutoCAD book better than others I have purchase that put me to sleep reading

  • Leslie J - This stuff actually works

    I started using this about 2 years ago when I noticed lines that I should not have in my late thirty's. I use it religiously every night before bed and within a couple months I noticed results. I am skeptical of everything and research things before I buy... If that is what you are doing... I can tell you this is a good product. A bottle lasts me several months. Very pleased.

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