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Wilson Architects - Wilson Architects is a Boston based architectural firm that collaborates with clients to strengthen connections between people and spaces.

  • http://wilsonarch.com/clients/ Clients - Wilson ArchitectsWilson Architects - Wilson Architects is an architecture firm located in Boston, MA, specializing in the design of science research and teaching facilities for higher education.
  • http://wilsonarch.com/work/mit-nano/ MIT.nano - Wilson Architects - MIT.nano will combine the Institute’s nanotechnology, materials, and engineering systems research with the most advanced fabrication tools and materials pr
  • http://wilsonarch.com/work/north-american-headquarters-building/ North American Headquarters Building - Wilson Architects - The new 11-story Education First (EF) Headquarters building includes a mix of office, conference spaces, restaurant, salon, private dining, and three level
  • http://wilsonarch.com/work/chevron-chemistry-annex/ Chevron Annex - Wilson Architects - The addition provides much needed expansion space for Synthetic Chemistry research and is part of a larger effort by the chemistry department to upgrade la
  • http://wilsonarch.com/work/graduate-school-of-public-health/ Graduate School of Public Health - Wilson Architects - The Phase 1 lab pavilion is a 58,500 GSF addition housing three floors of laboratory space above a new 215-seat auditorium. The addition houses the Infecti
  • http://wilsonarch.com/work/university-hall/ University Hall - Wilson Architects - The classrooms and the departments are supplemented with a range of community spaces such as a 500-seat auditorium, theater, recital hall, exhibition galle
  • http://wilsonarch.com/work/life-science-laboratories/ Life Science Laboratories - Wilson Architects - The goal is not just to have a multidisciplinary building, but to encourage a broader culture of transdisciplinary work for teams that consist of diverse d
  • http://wilsonarch.com/work/engineering-product-innovation-center/ Engineering Product Innovation Center - Wilson Architects - The 15,000 SF facility merges the technical education of using machine tools with the ability to bring a product to market. In the hopes of revitalizing ma
  • http://wilsonarch.com/work/venable-murray-halls/ Venable & Murray Halls - Wilson Architects - The ground floor of the building, the lowest level of the courtyard, is conceived as an undergraduate hub, with four large classrooms, a lecture hall, and
  • http://wilsonarch.com/in-progress/design-cambridge-colleges-campus-relocation-underway/ Design for Cambridge College’s campus relocation underway - Wilson Architects - The decision to relocate Cambridge College to the historic Hood Park in Charlestown is a major milestone in the growth of the College, and an excellent opp
  • http://wilsonarch.com/sustainability/reclaimed-wood-provides-dramatic-backdrop-esb-vanderbilt/ Reclaimed wood provides dramatic backdrop in the ESB at Vanderbilt - Wilson Architects - At Vanderbilt University, the entire campus is designated as an arboretum with many prized mature trees. When the site was selected for the new Engineering

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  • Dale in Tennessee - Good Planning software

    I highly recommend that you go to the web site of the manufacturer and try the Trial Software subscription. This is not a trivial product to learn and use effectively. If you have a modest number of home improvements, you may spend more time than intended on the nuances of the software than the project.

  • It's-Not-You-It's-Me - Why wouldnt you buy this light? Give me one reason!!!!

    Wow.....the power of technology!! In my former job, I sold "industrial" flashlights(Streamlight, Pelican, Underwater Kinetics, Mag etc...) and none of them as of 7 years ago had this technology. I try to read and watch videos on an item before I buy it. I was juggling back and forth between this one and the Fenix TK15. I figured for $15 dollars less I would go for the ThruNite. Great choice I believe. I bought the Tangsfire rechargeable batteries and charger also. I have the batteries charging so I had some CR123A batteries I am using for the meantime. This little light, lightens the immediate area up very well. I have a flashlight problem. I buy way to many. My wife says I have a problem because I have so many, of course the counter argument is "how many purses does one woman need". I always lose, but I don't stop buying. I just bought a Streamlight Stinger LED HP and love it also. The Stinger seams to throw a tighter beam further but the TN12 "explodes" the area with a bright natural light. I am truly amazed on how this light performs being so small. I did put one of the rechargeable batteries in and put the light on "turbo" and left it on standing up to run the battery done and the light DID GET HOT!!! I don't expect to run the light on turbo like this in an "everyday" event, but it did get pretty hot. I don't know what else to say....its aluminum, good quality, easy to use, VERY bright, the different levels appear to be "handy", small frame(which is good for EDC) and the price is unbelievable. This is another tool to add to me EDC arsenal. I hope I didn't rattle on when I probably could have said "just buy it, its a great flashlight". Oh, I also own a Pelican 7060 LED(which is an awesome light) and the Thrunite appears to be brighter also. I know the Thrunite has more lumens than both Pelican and Streamlight and it is apparent. For the money.......BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christy Farrah - LOVE IT!

    I love this! An updated turntable with an oldschool feel. I received this to test for a fair review and I absolutely love this. It looks awesome, plays awesome, and even has a radio in it. Love it, highly recommend.

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