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  • D'asia Denise - Amazing Growth

    I first heard of this product on YouTube and natural hair care forums. I always see positives things and people saying how effective it is! I've wanted to grow my hair for a long time and I knew this would work! I went in to this hoping to see a huge difference in my growth rate! I couldn't count how much money I spent on hair care products that don't work!

  • Amber Gallia - Used to be the best....hopefully works again

    I used to buy proactive and it was not only expensive but really drying. I saw the 3 step acne free system at Costco and found that less drying but effective at keeping my skin free of blackheads and pimples. When Costco stopped selling it I was able to get just the cleanser at super store... sadly they stopped stocking it. The cleanser on its own is much less drying and worked really good at keeping my skin clear. Because I haven't been able to buy acne free at the supermarket for quite some time I've noticed my skin has a lot of blackheads and frequent breakouts. I'm a mom of a busy toddler and work part time, sometimes I forget to wash my face before bed which is most likely contributing to my poor skin, I'm going back to using just the acne free cleanser in my morning shower. Seemed to do the trick before.

  • max_r - caused upset stomach and very unpleasant side effects. gave ...

    caused upset stomach and very unpleasant side effects. gave it several tries far apart in time, same result. enzymes should never produce such effect. This makes me wonder what do they put in there.

  • carol - Hallmark bombs.....

    I bought the Studio 2015 Deluxe. Was excited to get it and upset that the disk would not load. The computer kept spitting it out, saying "load a disk." When I examined the disk, I saw that it was never burned! I was very disappointed in this Hallmark product.

  • RF=GOAT - Despite great ingredients can't live with the smell

    Was in a rush to buy shampoo for my little one, hence didn't buy it on amazon.com but at a local New Seasons market. I liked the smell from the bottle and quality ingredients used. However, once my baby's head was washed using this and hair had dried up the smell has changed somehow - it smelled like rotten oranges. Even the next day I smelled her hair again and it was the same - just bad smell. Returned the bottle to the store.

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