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  • M Taylor - Okay, but better as a Duster than a Mop.

    It's an okay mop, but I really was hoping to have more thickness to the fabric, more absorbency and more of the fabric pieces... it feels a bit thin to me and the plastic tends to scrape on the floor. I do like the wringing feature, but with arthritis in my hands, it can become really difficult after just a few wring-outs. I'm not sure I'd buy this again, but for now we're making it work. It does work pretty well for dusting, so if we get another mop at some point, I'll keep this for dusting baseboards and fans.

  • OverstockSuperstore - Something has changed with this product. The old caboki ...

    Something has changed with this product. The old caboki worked flawlessly. When they changed the bottle, something was different with the product and it is definitely not the same and the brown color is off. They need to go back to what it originally was.

  • Monica Eikmeier - Facial Cleanser For Those Who Want Clean Without The Harsh

    Love Radha Beauty Products! Awesome company, not my first products from them and certainly not the last. They are continually adding new and improved formulas and they are super appealing and awesome to use. I was super SUPER excited to hear about this new organic line that was coming out! This one is as awesome as I thought it would be. Super natural, organic, pure awesome product.100% NATURAL: 100%Vegan, 100% Soy-free, Gluten-free, Non-GMO, pH Balanced. No Animal Testing, save the furry critters! Made with only botanical ingredients and plant extracts: Aloe Vera Juice*, Castor oil*, Grape Seed Oil*, Witch Hazel*, Emulsifying Wax, Plant Glycerin*, Fuller's Earth, Gram Flour, Vitamin C, Thyme, Chamomile*, Licorice*, Comfrey, Green Papaya, Pineapple, Lime oil*, Lemongrass oil (Make note that this is a wonderful product with very little ingredients to remember, sweet!) I have never had such a wonderful product work with so little in it. I was shocked! This product is my new favorite face wash. Directions for Use: Wet your face and hands with water. Pump cleanser into your hands, then massage and lather into skin with a gentle, circular motion. Rinse with water and pat dry. Follow with Radha Organics Moisturizer of your choice. (Which I use their other organic line products with it. They work very VERY well together and all are organic like this one) One pump and that is all you need (well let's say that is plenty for entire face and neck and upper chest part.) so one pump is definitely all you need. I wash with my fingertips in a circular motion, LIKE THE DIRECTIONS SAY TO, and in doing so I have had miracles with my skin lately. My skin is brighter, more natural feeling. Cleaner, and has a lovely scent to it that makes me happy. Very good clean feel, you know you got naturally from a product you should put on your face. Pump bottle which makes for an easy to use cleanser! Love this line!

  • Savvy Buyer - No Science - No Proof - Just Another "antiaging" product

    It is abundantly clear that the reviews are being written by Jeunesse Distributors. When you include your email in a review, I am dubious regarding your overwhelming results regarding the product. You are trying to sell the product of course you love it. Buyer Beware - This a very expensive product that does not work (I've tried it, bought it from a friend).

  • Emily Bailey - Pretty freaking good

    If you're into shake diets I totally recommend this. It's expensive so I was really, really skeptical but I did my best to prove that other shake mixes were better and couldn't. I had spreadsheets of statistics and calculations from cost to nutrition to ingredients, and Body by Vi came out on top everywhere but cost. And when people say it tastes like cake, they are not kidding. It really does. The only down side to this stuff, which is really true for all shake mixes, is that you really only end up mixing it with fruit and various milks, which is great, but it really pushes your carb total. You can mix with proteins (I love using almond butter and cocoa to make a shake that tastes like a Hershey's almond bar or with sugar-free Butterscotch pudding mix and peanut butter for a Butterfinger shake that is AMAZING) but you probably won't. You will end up mixing it with fruit. So if you don't care about protein/carb ratio, have at it!

  • MaconosMom - This case is a perfect economical solution for my Amazon Fire

    This case is a perfect economical solution for my Amazon Fire. The magnet keeps the cover closed securely, the holes line up with the camera and other buttons, and it doesn't feel cheaply made. Love my Amazon Fire and I love this case.

  • Bill Staley - Won't run a scan more often than weekly?????

    I got a trial version of McAfee Internet Security with a new Windows 7 Pro computer. It would not update more than once a week. I am used to running a scan in the wee small hours of every day. On every computer. Could not tell from the McAfee website if Total Protection 2014 ran more often, but tried it. Only scans once a week. You can make it scan less often. You can pick a different day of the week or a different time of day, but you cannot make it scan more than once a week. What do they care if it scans every night or not? I have been doing this for years on many Windows computers and I do not wear out hard drives any faster than anyone else. They update in the background, and you can run a scan while you are at the keyboard, but I want to run a scan when no one is at the keyboard.

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