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Center for Women's Mental Health at MGH - Welcome to the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Women’s Mental Health, a perinatal and reproductive psychiatry information center.

  • https://womensmentalhealth.org/about/ About - MGH Center for Women's Mental Health - The Center for Women’s Mental Health at MGH provides evaluation and treatment of psychiatric disorders associated with female reproductive function.
  • https://womensmentalhealth.org/about/mission-statement/ Mission Statement - MGH Center for Women's Mental Health - The mission of The Center for Women’s Mental Health is to provide state-of-the-art evaluation and ongoing care for women who suffer from a spectrum of psychiatric disorders and to improve the lives of patients and their families.
  • https://womensmentalhealth.org/about/staff/ Staff - MGH Center for Women's Mental Health - Staff at The Center for Women's Mental Health, Massachusetts General Hospital.
  • https://womensmentalhealth.org/about/contact-us/ Contact Us - MGH Center for Women's Mental Health - Address and Clinical phone contact for the Center for Women's Mental Health
  • https://womensmentalhealth.org/about/privacy-policy/ Privacy Policy - MGH Center for Women's Mental Health - MGH does not sell, exchange, or release your personal information (name, e-mail address, mailing address, etc.) without your consent to any third parties.
  • https://womensmentalhealth.org/about/disclaimer/ Disclaimer - MGH Center for Women's Mental Health - DISCLAIMER: This website and its contents are designed for educational purposes only.
  • https://womensmentalhealth.org/about/support-our-program/ Support Our Program - MGH Center for Women's Mental Health - Support our program by making a gift to the MGH Center for Women's Mental Health.
  • https://womensmentalhealth.org/specialty-clinics/ Specialty Areas - MGH Center for Women's Mental Health - PMS, PMDD, psychiatric disorders during pregnancy and postpartum, breastfeeding and psychiatric medication, fertility and mental health, menopausal symptoms
  • https://womensmentalhealth.org/specialty-clinics/pms-and-pmdd/ PMS & PMDD - Many women in their reproductive years experience transient physical and emotional changes around the time of their period.
  • https://womensmentalhealth.org/specialty-clinics/breastfeeding-and-psychiatric-medication/ Breastfeeding & Psychiatric Medications - MGH Center for Women's Mental Health - Given the prevalence of psychiatric illness during the postpartum period, a significant number of women may require pharmacological treatment while nursing.
  • https://womensmentalhealth.org/specialty-clinics/infertility-and-mental-health/ Fertility and Mental Health - MGH - CWMH - For information on infertility and mental health, please visit our blog or our Fertility and Mental Health Library for relevant articles in this area.
  • https://womensmentalhealth.org/library/ Library - MGH Center for Women - The Library at the Center for Women's Mental Health is a repository of useful information and frequently referenced articles on our major areas of practice.
  • https://womensmentalhealth.org/library/pms-and-pmdd/ PMS and PMDD - MGH Center for Women's Mental Health - General information and treatment information (antidepressants, non-pharmacologic and complementary and alternative medicines) for PMS and PMDD.
  • https://womensmentalhealth.org/library/psychiatric-disorders-during-pregnancy/ Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy - MGH - CWMH - Antidepressant use, nonpharmacologic intervention, effects of untreated maternal depression, and bipolar/anxiety/psychotic/eating disorders during pregnancy
  • https://womensmentalhealth.org/clinical-and-research-programs/clinical-program/ Clinical Program - MGH Center for Women's Mental Health - Clinical consultation is available to women throughout the reproductive life cycle and patients can obtain an evaluation and be treated by clinicians with particular expertise in their area.
  • https://womensmentalhealth.org/research/ Center for Women's Mental Health - Research Program - The CWMH at MGH has both a Clinical and a Research Program, ensuring that our Center is innovative and allowing us to provide the highest quality care.

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