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Wonderly Blog - Raspberry Ketones Kimberly Snyder Raspberry Ketones Kimberly Snyder : There is a quite rigid guideline which enforces normal water (liquid) before during

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  • tarathecupcake - Great stuff!

    Got a sample of the peach pink in my ipsy bag & love it... Finding it on Amazon makes it even better. I have been searching for the perfect blush & have finally found it. Try it, you'll like it. A+++


    This product is complete BS, as it does not help you loose weight or reset your metabolism. My Fiance and I both purchased it, in hopes of loosing weight and restarting our metabolism, to no avail. We followed it exactly for 5 days and both of us got really weak and sick from it. I didn't want to share this information, but its better that others know before purchasing this garbage product. The product messed up my menstrual cycle and gave both me and my fiance severe headaches. When I contacted the seller for a refund, or at least a partial refund, explaining to him that it made us sick and didn't work, all they said was that they were sorry and that no refund was possible, as they are not the actual manufacturer of the product and therefore do not guarantee results. I wouldn't even give this one star, but was forced to in order to write this review. The product does not work and the customer service is the worst I have ever seen.

  • paulywalrus - Great Cologne, no one you know wears it

    Especially for the price, this cologne is amazing. I keep getting it. Never do I meet people or have friends that use it. Yet girls will always ask what scent I have. one went out and bought it for her man! Great stuff.

  • a.mason - Great product!

    I purchased this because of a rash/irritation on my eye lid that would not clear up. I tried several other products that did not help and I became very discouraged. I was glad that I found Emuaid and after using it, the irritation cleared up within a few days. Amazing product!!

  • Elizabeth Davies - Love Word, hate the way it works on MacBook

    I decided to give an Apple product a try, since they're less prone to viruses than PCs. Bought a MacBook. Trouble is, I have roughly 50,000 Word documents, at least half of which I had been hoping to be able to use with my new MacBook while travelling--I'd had the Word for Mac program installed on my new machine.

  • jennifer - Give it a chance

    At first I didn't like the soap much. But after using it for about a month I find it soothing and my skin calm as soon as I use it. Give it some time...it works . I have roscea and very sensitive skin with acne and I am pretty clear now.

  • Christine L. Wodke - A good value

    This is a nice quality product. It is so easy to order from the prime panty. The price was good and it came fast. I usually buy the store brand and his is a much thicker product for about the same price as my generic store brand.

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