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  • Judi F - Not yet 3 year old twins love the Hess trucks

    Not yet 3 year old twins love the Hess trucks. This is one of a fleet and very much enjoyed. We do not put batteries in. They do not need that complication and can play fine with it as is.

  • jose garcia - Great camera.

    Nice bang for your buck.It is a great camera ,looks like a real go pro ,the pics and video are great.I like the accesories it came with.Great action cam.

  • Amazon Customer - Bad customer service, predatory pyramid scheme company

    I was excited to try this product as I know a person that is having success with it. I ordered the transformation kit, thinking I would go all in on the "challenge". I really enjoy the taste of their shakes. They make a good shake mix that tastes and smells like cake mix. I was able to mix these shakes with almond milk, sugar free jello mix, and powdered peanut butter to make a very tasty "butterfinger" shake that was only 180 calories. The shakes were never the problem.

  • woodi48 - A complimenting pair for me.

    I get one of these along with the 'Astronomical Calendar' from my wife as a Christmas staple every year. Would be badly disappointed if I didn't, and I'm 67years old! I play a little game with my self with this calendar. As first and last moon quarters are fairly obvious, as are the gibbous views, I always look for the exact full moon time for my EST location. Catching the "first and last slivers" of the new waxing moon, and fading old moon, respectively, is part of it also. Just something to do for an old guy, I guess. The "Astronomical Calendar' is usually over 70 pages of text, diagrams, sky maps, and monthly celestial event information. Love 'em both.

  • Patrick Ethen - I hate leaving reviews on a product that have more to ...

    I hate leaving reviews on a product that have more to do with shipping or defective equipment than the product itself when it's working but here we are.

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