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    I bought this for my 11mo and 3yr old. The 10mo is slightly annoyed by it, the 3yr old thinks it is fun. Either way, it sucks snot. I would have given this 4 stars because it looks like over priced plastic tubing, but something about the design makes the business end extremely easy to clean. You would think a tube that had been Jackson Pollock'ed with snot would be a PITA to clean, but once you get water flowing down it the snot seems to cling to the water and slide out. So maybe some engineering did go into the over-priced tubing. I even over-flowed the business end one time and the next component had to be cleaned. Still a breeze. It snaps apart and a little soapy water does the job. I live in one of the top 5 cities for worst allergies, so I expect to get my money out of this. Maybe it will even help the kiddos sleep better with clear noses.

  • STEVEC RSF - Useless

    The product did not work well, the sound was distorted with lots of interference. I thought of returning it but it was not worth the effort.

  • Darrell M. - Skip this one

    As the other reviewers have said, this is a waste of money. The construction is cheap, flimsy, brittle plastic of the sort you'd find in bad carnival prizes. You know, the blister-packed Walkman knockoffs in bright colors and horrible fake chrome from twenty-five years ago (and hey, whaddaya know, these are made in China, too!) that your little sibling or niece or nephew that was hopped up on cotton candy hounded you for and after spending fifteen bucks and half an hour at the rigged game you finally won for them and it broke by the next afternoon. And then you found one just like it at the dollar store the next week. Basically, it's one of those, but with a USB interface and cable and a nicer package. The motor is incapable of turning a 90 minute Chrome Oxide cassette at the required speed, so even if the batteries held up through a complete play, you'd have a slow, warbly copy of your tapes. Perhaps with shorter tapes and luck of the draw on the build you might get a unit that could play at proper, consistent speed, or you might have better luck using an AC adapter, but this doesn't come with one. Personally, I'm writing this one off as a learning experience. The little USB cable and the Audacity software are nice to have, though, so it's not a total loss. Then again, I'm one of those who sees the little plastic cup as being half full rather than half empty, even though what's in it is a urine sample.

  • Bob Corduan - Element Scam Cheap disposable tvs

    Do yourself a favor and don't buy any element products also don't shop where this product is sold they are a scam company offering low prices for junk tvs Spend a little more and buy a named brand!!!

  • Jin Wen Hui - Great product! Cleans well.

    My cleaning lady uses this to clean our hardwood floor. From what I can tell, it works great! The floor is clean and shinny. We have a spray bottle at home, so I just buy the refill. Our house is 4,800 sq feet, almost all hardwood floor except for one office. One 22 fl oz bottle can last about 1.5 cleaning, so this 1 gallon bottle should do about 8 times of cleaning. That only cost around 2 dollar fifty cents of Bona each cleaning. Great deal for a good cleaning agent.

  • JHG Leslie - A great debut from Victoria Helen Stone.

    A beautiful book about a woman's journey. Not a romance, not a psychological/suspense thriller -- this is more properly characterized as women's fiction. I could definitely imagine myself in Evelyn's place -- and can see this book being a great read for every woman who's gotten to a certain age, done about a thousand school volunteering shifts, driven the umpteenth carpool, and lost herself along the way. Highly recommended.

  • Crystal S - I have been using the diffuser since opening the box and I love it. I have tried using lavender and lemon ...

    I am new to using essential oil and now my eyes are opened. I have been using the diffuser since opening the box and I love it. I have tried using lavender and lemon essential oils in it and my house smells amazing. I love any natural herb scents!

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