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Anonymous - Anonymous - Bavolex is a natural IBS remedy that treats irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) quickly and effectively. It's scientifically formulated based on several clinical studies.

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  • Amazon Customer - Quick solution to an irritating problem

    My new truck's OEM antenna was hitting the garage door every time I pulled in or backed out. I found reference to this antenna online and for $25 figured it would be worth a try. It was a quick, easy swap to remove the OEM antenna and replace it with this one. Now my antenna clears my garage door without scraping. I also have not noticed any issues with reception for local radio, satellite radio, OnStar, or GPS navigation.

  • K. Lee - Same good calendar with new bindings

    Finally do away with Hardcover with the new bindings. I wish that they'll soon turn those pages to be compatible with normal Day Runners, along with a free iPad App for those of us who've purchased the hardcopy.

  • Sidney Patrick - China is a sinking garbage pit

    The sizes are way off. However this means a lot of returns. For a whole shipment they have requested all items be photographed ect. and now the post office says the shipping labels for returns are fake! I have a friend who ordered this junk and he has IQ issues. In one envelope he received a Gold ring which he paid 50 dollars for, and it was gold...gold colored plastic! When I was a kid this is what you got from China but you paid less than a Dollar!

  • Amazon Customer - Great Printer But Lacks Dual Sided Scanning

    Great printer and FINALLY someone came out with an ink solution that puts it years ahead of the competition. Print is fast. The only thing I dislike is that you can't dual side scan a document. If there is a way I have not found it. For that reason I want to give it 4 stars but it is such a good printer overall that I will just learn to live with having to flip documents around or I will buy another Canon to scan with.

  • carlmcgowan - quickbooks pro 2011

    We understood this product had a 30 day full refund from Amazon plus a 60 day full refund from Intuit. However, Amazon charged us $90.00 to return this

  • Corrinne - Worth it

    It definitely seems to be working. It is a perfect combination on abrasive and cleansing. And it smells nice. I will buy again. Only slightest complaint is not even a real complaint. I'm sure I'm using to much but it is going quick.

  • 1lostyankee - It's definitely helping

    After making my own essential oil blend and that didn't work, I was pretty desperate and decided to try this. I bought mine from ultra herbal. It is definitely helping, but I am applying it twice a day, not 3 times as recommended, and you can only see the progress as quickly as the nail grows. The fungus needs to grow out completely so you can't stop using this until the nail has grown out. What's happened on my worst toe is one side of the nail has improved, not sure why there is a line. The other issue is you go thru the oral spray a lot faster than you go thru the nail solution. Not sure why no one is mentioning this. So I am hoping the oral spray is not crucial to it working, because I will be out of it soon and there doesn't seem to be a way to buy it by itself (and it doesn't taste bad at all).

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