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a24.co.za - Nursing agency jobs & staff in South Africa - Best nursing agency jobs and staff in South Africa with Ambition 24hours Nurses, nursing assistant and care givers, join one of the leading nursing agencies today

  • http://www.a24.co.za/contact-us_folder/ a24.co.za - Contact | Nursing Agency Ambition 24hours Nurses - Contact Ambition 24hours, Bellville, Cape Town. Nursing agency jobs and staff. One of leading nursing agencies in South Africa
  • http://www.a24.co.za/call-back/ a24.co.za - Call Back - Ambition24Hours South Africa; a24 locum doctors, AHP, nurses, caregivers jobs and staff. One of leading SA nursing and locum doctor agencies. Helpful, friendly service 24-7, 365 days a year. Free registration and fast payment to medical staff every week, direct to your bank account.
  • http://www.a24.co.za/links/ a24.co.za - Links | Nursing Agency Ambition 24hours Nurses - Ambition 24hours Nursing, HPCSA, SACSSP, SANC, South African Department of Home Affairs, The South African Pharmacy Council
  • http://www.a24.co.za/about_folder/ a24.co.za - About Us | Nursing Agency Ambition 24hours Nurses - About Ambition 24hours Nurses. First 24-7, 365 medical medic staffing agency in South Africa. International A24 Group founded by Penny Streeter OBE, leading entrepreneur
  • http://www.a24.co.za/vision-values/ a24.co.za - Vision and Values | Nursing Agency Ambition Nurses - Vision and Values of Ambition 24hours Nurses. To understand the medical staffing needs and challenges of our clients; and the career needs and goals of our medical staff candidates.
  • http://www.a24.co.za/news/ a24.co.za - News | Nursing Agency Ambition 24hours Nurses - Journalists can contact Ambition 24hours for news, interviews, comment and industry information on medical staffing and related issues. We provide spokespeople and conference speakers.
  • http://www.a24.co.za/what-clients-say/ a24.co.za - What Nursing Agency clients say about Ambition 24 - What Clients really say about Ambition 24hours... I am very pleased with Ambitions services. Great quality. Candidates provided were fabulous. Really efficient service
  • http://www.a24.co.za/find-nursing-staff-old/ a24.co.za - Find Nursing Staff, why health services choose us - Find Nursing Agency Staff here. Reliable source for ‘last minute’ staffing. Specialists in 24/7 short notice nurses. Exact match by qualification and experience
  • http://www.a24.co.za/find-jobs_folder/ a24.co.za - Register for Nursing agency jobs South Africa - Register for best nursing agency jobs in South Africa at Ambition 24hours Nurses. Weekly pay direct to bank account. Flexible working: local work, when & where you want.
  • http://www.a24.co.za/pay-rates/ a24.co.za - Pay rates for Nursing staff, care givers - Best agencies pay rates for nursing staff and care givers at Ambition 24hours Nurses. Weekly pay direct to your bank account. Flexible working, when and where you want jobs
  • http://www.a24.co.za/care-givers/ a24.co.za - Care givers and agency nursing assistants - obs for care givers and agency nursing assistants with leading nursing agencies in South Africa, Ambition 24hours Nurses. We seek ENA, APC, NQF SAQA qualified staff
  • http://www.a24.co.za/what-nurses-say/ a24.co.za - Agency nurses say Ambition 24hours one of highest - Ambition 24hours is one of highest paying agencies in South Africa, agency nurses say. I am VERY happy, consultants are always friendly, fantastic crew, committed to your agency.
  • http://www.a24.co.za/faq/ a24.co.za - FAQ agency nurses jobs - All your FAQ questions answered on agency nurses and nursing, care givers and nursing assistants, jobs and conditions, pay and holiday pay, hours and timesheets.

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