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  • R. D. Morris - Excellent for an instant mashed potato mix

    Ok - we all know freshly made mashed potatoes are better. But if you are in a hurry, or your memory of comfort food is Mom's not-so-homemade instant mashed potatoes, these are great.

  • HippoMommy - Something I like to do to get the vitamins spread out more ...

    A dose is 2 capsules. This keeps the pill you are swallowing smaller. Easier for some of us. You can also spread out the dosage so that you take them at different times of the day. Something I like to do to get the vitamins spread out more instead of one lump amount. I like that this includes things like fenugreek to really support postpartum moms. I've never seen another vitamin have postpartum specific ingredients. So that is a big plus.

  • Frank E. Schiele - Nice idea, not practical

    More of a lock than a safe. If it rains or snows where you live it will eventually rust in place. It is almost impossible to remove it when it rusts. I bench press 405 pounds and it took me over 15 minutes with a crow bar to remove it. Nice idea, not practical.

  • annabanana - Check with your doctor first.

    I bought these on recommendation of Dr. Oz. I got very sick on them. Apparently they are not goof for the blood pressure. There is no returning them on amazon....but that was not specified when I purchased them...waste of money.

  • Brenda L - Tried the series and it failed...

    I tried to give this series a chance, but can not continue. I trudged through four books and cannot imagine trying to read an additional 15+ books to get to the conclusion.

  • adsBlessed&Favored - Camphor

    I remember this product when I was a little girl my older family member used this from everything to opening up sinus passages to rubbing on chest for a chest cold & temples for a headache. Recommend this product for some relief

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