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  • nunya - Perfect Steam Floor and Handheld Combo Mop

    I read reviews until I was worn out looking at them. It seemed like all of them had some major faults. I wanted a steam floor mop that would get my floors clean and sanitized. I also wanted it to be detachable so I could clean counter tops and showers. This mop seemed to have the best ratings over all and I am glad I chose the Haan SI-70 Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer. I waited until I had tried the mop a few times on all the different surfaces of my home before writing this.

  • R. Bohannon - Magic Jack Plus really sux!

    I bought a 5 year plan. The call quality started ok, then went downhill. The worst part is that they CHARGE YOU additional fees for making 800# call, calling a conference call in center, and even calling customer support numbers that are neither. They state you can call any US number unlimited. That is simply not true. You cannot call any number that charges them any fee and not part of the IPEC, whatever that is. There is no way to know who you can call. I understand not being able to call 900 numbers and the like, but you can't even call GoDaddy support nor a simple dial in conference number. They need to come clean and clearly mark that there are some numbers you cannot call that may be part of a normal course of business. On top, their customer support was horrid. The new magic jack plus DOES NOT feature many things offered in the past like call forwarding, blocking, etc. None of those features are now offered. Save your money. Buy something else. I am firing "Magic Jack"...that dog doesn't hunt!

  • Kory C Kennedy - They are fine just not as expected.

    Fits fine but not quite the depth on top as expected so even though I was underwhelmed, they are fine.

  • Florida Hillbilly - Good read... I'll get other books by Horn to read

    Good book... some redundancies in it, but overall it was a good read. I enjoy exploring different opinions on God's Revelation. We'll all find for ourselves in time, won't we? This is much about conspiracy theories of different sorts -- reasons we should watch our back -- and reasons to question your own loyalties. I do this anyway, but it is fun to read others' writing about it.

  • ASW1977 - Great game, fire and ice addition is silly.

    I don't know why they have to keep "improving" on classic games. The fire and ice make the game confusing. We play without the new and improved additions. It is still a fun game. The box is the square packaging that fits well in our storage space. It makes me want to replace a few of our older games because I like the new square boxes better.

  • Amazon Customer - this works great. The trampoline-type bottom is very tuff and the ...

    We've had this for over 2.5 years and it's always a big hit with those who haven't sat in it before. It's used in an ocean lagoon close to the equator. We wanted one where you can actually sit in the water to be cooler than sitting directly on hot vinyl; this works great. The trampoline-type bottom is very tuff and the sides are very heavy vinyl. The capacity is 8 but we've had 11+ in it quite easily. You do want to invest $40 or so for a quality electric inflator but it's worth it in time savings to inflate and to deflate all the air so you can re-pack it to a reasonable size. It can be damaged through negligence but even inexpensive repair kits have worked to fix damaged areas and haven't failed to-date. It's heavy but was shippable by USPS when we got ours. Some form of ladder would make getting in a little less awkward but you can work around that and it's usually good for a laugh watching newbies get in the first time.

  • Ed Baldyga - Corvette convertible top window repair

    Used it to glue the rear window back on the convertible top of my Corvette....worked perfectly! Would highly recommend.

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