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Accutane Lawsuits Center | Home - If you have used Accutane and believe you have bowel issues or brohn's disease please click here to receive your possible compensation money.

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  • Marsha Queen of Amazon - It Seems To Be Working...

    I bought this to basically take care of sagging eyelids & an aging face. No, it hasn't stopped me from aging; however, I am seeing some improvements in the look & feel of my skin!!! My eyelids no longer cover my eyes. No, they don't look like they did when I was 20...then again, 20 was a long time ago!!! To be honest, I haven't had this product long enough to experience its full effect & I will be back with an update after using it for a bit longer. I'm feeling encouraged with the progress I'm seeing o far & have high hopes for more improvements with a little more time!!!

  • Clark Kent - Great Tool for the price

    If you work on cars and or keep your cars for years this is a great tool to have. I have ten, twenty, and thrity year old cars and since I like it when the brakes work. Also great to check that can of brake fluid you have had in your garage for a while.

  • Haley Jennifer - Different than advertised

    Mine arrived different than advertised. They're advertised as having a tab piece attached to the buds that are meant to hold the buds in the ear, but the ones I received do not have the attached piece.. not sure if I'm missing something or what? Otherwise they work okay. Not the longest battery life compared to other buds available on amazon, but they charge super quick.

  • Barbara A Shock - ALMOST a FANTASTIC Product

    I used ths product today to clean a back porch I keep for my cats. With this cleaner it took only 1-2 hours to do the work that would normally have taken me most of the day to do, and the porch is cleaner that it has been in a long, long time! I collected so much car hair, dust and cobwebs (off stucco plaster and cat trees) I had to empty the dust cup 3 times.

  • Matthew B. Tepper - What is the square root of John Galt?

    I'm sorry to be one of the constant readers disappointed with the volume. Unfortunately, it is rather like a rehash of Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead, only slightly less tiresome and preachy. For ardent RANDists only.

  • rroboe - I think the product is working ok on one pc, I ordered it for three pc's. I Can Not install it on my windows xp pc.

    I think the product is working ok on one pc, I ordered it for three pc's. I Can Not install it on my windows xp pc.

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