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  • Scott L - Someone, anyone, save us from Intuit...

    Can some VC in the bay area seriously re-group the Intuit development team from the mid 90's and develop a competing product from scratch? If v1.0 even showed a little promise they would not have to spend a dime on marketing. Word of mouth would be insane.

  • Rebecca J. - I liked this keyboard

    I liked this keyboard, but some of the keys stopped responding properly (switch chattering - it would either not work at all, or give me duplicate characters) after only a few months of use and I haven't yet had the time or motivation to mess around with it to try and fix it. My much cheaper Logitech keyboard has had zero issues for more than a year now, so I just switched them out and I'm using the Logitech instead. Overall, I was disappointed in the quality of this product versus its cost.

  • L. Kirk - Different from the original!

    So, I am used to the "old" white strips that have a sort of peroxide coating on them, they slide a little on your teeth, and they're fairly large. This "new" kind pretty much super-glues themselves to your teeth (not a fan of that AT ALL) and the bottom strip is smaller than the old kind... so far they whiten just as well (maybe better?) and it's nice that they don't budge when you're wearing them. I don't like how stuck they get to my teeth though, but that's what keeps them from budging... I like the old kind better, but these work fine, too.

  • butterfly - Incredibly well made!

    So well made - even when my son pulls it apart it comes back together well. He broke off the ramp but the sound features still work when he puts the ramp in and out. The rubber on the wheels come off but easily go back on. Even the bulldozer piece snaps back on easily when pulled off. A lot of nice features with the sounds and the lights. Tons of detail and huge bang for your buck compared to other toys in this price range.

  • C&A - I have purchased both vanilla and chocolate with which I mix half a frozen banana just for more texture and it is my favorite. W

    I bought this is an alternative to that very expensive nutrition shake from a famous California based fitness and nutrition group. This shake requires two scoops v. only 1 scoop of the very expensive nutrition shake I mentioned above, but the nutritional content seems very similar in comparison of labels, and even having to use double the powder, the LEAN 1 is still half the cost. I have purchased both vanilla and chocolate with which I mix half a frozen banana just for more texture and it is my favorite. With the vanilla, I mix a bit of frozen strawberries and banana or frozen peaches and it is really good. In addition to frozen fruit, I mix both chocolate and vanilla with ice, 4 oz water and 2 oz milk and I really like it - I don't feel deprived. I am an ICU nurse and my shifts usually are about 13 hours. If I have this for breakfast between 6 and 6:30, it gets me by until early afternoon.

  • caraboo - In music heaven

    This was amazing the first time in my life that I installed it it found the channel on its own and it works perfectly. Car dealer wanted over $200 to install a new radio for an axillary cord. Just thankful this product was offered

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