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ACZONE® (dapsone) Gel 7.5% for Healthcare Professionals - Find ACZONE® Gel dosage, side effects, efficacy, patient savings program, and pivotal trial information all in one place. View important safety information.

  • https://www.aczonehcp.com/pivotal-trial-study-design Pivotal Trial Study Design | ACZONE® (dapsone) Gel 7.5% - Learn the details of the largest pivotal trial program used for FDA approval of a topical acne drug, and read efficacy data. View important safety information.
  • https://www.aczonehcp.com/efficacy-data Efficacy Data | ACZONE® (dapsone) Gel 7.5% - Efficacy data from 2 pivotal trials on inflammatory and non inflammatory lesions is presented in chart form here. View important safety information.
  • https://www.aczonehcp.com/safety-tolerability Safety and Tolerability | ACZONE® (dapsone) Gel 7.5% Adverse Events - Safety and Tolerability data over 12 weeks. View important safety information.
  • https://www.aczonehcp.com/dosage-administration Dosing and Administration | ACZONE® (dapsone) Gel 7.5% Dosage - ACZONE® Gel 7.5% can be applied once daily. Download the patient brochure to give to your patients with their prescription. View important safety information.
  • https://www.aczonehcp.com/acne-treatment-before-after Before and After Results | ACZONE® (dapsone) Gel 7.5% - View actual, unretouched photos of ACZONE® Gel patients at baseline and week 12 of treatment. Individual results may vary. View important safety information.
  • https://www.aczonehcp.com/patient-savings-program Savings Card for Patients | ACZONE® (dapsone) Gel 7.5% - Help your patients to find out about the ACZONE® Pay No More Than (PNMT) Savings Program. Learn the eligibility requirements and what limitations apply. View important safety information.

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  • Amazon Customer - Beauty in a Rose and Goat Milk Lotion

    It has a very strong scent but not unpleasant. It does have amazing moisturizing properties. I used it over night the first day it arrived and I could not believe how healthy and smooth my skin looked and felt that quickly. I tried it on the back of my hands to which are very dry and now they look plump and moist too. You don't need much, only a tiny bead goes a long way. A great product!

  • Kindle Customer - Stop reading and add to cart

    These have made a HUGE difference in my hair. My hair has grown so much faster than it normally does and it is thicker, stronger and healthier. I absolutely recommend! I have seen horrible reviews of hairfinity and other kinds of hair growth vitamins, and the products you apply directly smell awful. These are beautiful little shiny pink vitamins that taste a little like raspberry and they WORK! Do it!!

  • Bob Johnson - Excellent car seat!

    Super soft and comfortable for baby. Material doesn't seem to get as hot as old car seat. Easy install, but I recommend watching the Car Seat Lady's YouTube video to show you how. Google "Maxi Cosi Pria 70 install video" Seat is super sturdy. I was going to get the Britax Clicktight Blvd, but after seeing it in person it seemed cheaply made in comparison. The seat material is hardly padded, very hard. The head doesn't seem as supportive (my child is 7 months old, so this is a big concern). And the seat has exposed metal areas in the back/seat junction. I love how easy the Maxi Cosi is to adjust the straps and headrest. You simply pull the over behind the headrest and it moves the straps along with the headrest. No more taking the cover off and retreading the straps!

  • J. Lenardson - Great Treadmill

    I'm 6'2" and was over 260 lbs at the time of purchase. We demo'd this model at a local store to check the noise level and quality. We decided to buy it from Amazon because of the price and free delivery. When it arrived, I set it up myself...take my advise, you'll need a friend or two to help, it's heavy. We have had it for 3 -4 weeks and have logged over 80+ miles on it. Everything still works, it's still very quiet and I'm not 260 anymore. The only thing I don't like is that you can't increase the "time" during some of the preset workouts without starting over (minor issue). I would buy this item again and recommend it to anyone.

  • Boto - Best Gaming Mouse EVER. PC & MAC.

    This is undoubtedly the best gaming mouse I have ever used. The responsiveness is as advertised at 1ms. The tracking, lighting, scrolling, and other customizations can be changed to multiple profiles and it will all be stored on the on-memory chip instead of through software. And because of this I'm able to use it on my Mac with all of the functionalities I would have on Windows, although you will have to install the software on Windows and program it to your liking beforehand.

  • Dman - Five Stars

    One of the best costumes out there. The daughter looked amazing and her friends all loved the dress.

  • rosegarden - Sticky,gooey product

    I have used Kendra products for years and read about this product so thought I would try it. Bad idea. I purchased the two jar package. Big mistake.

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