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  • Katy - Turned me into an avid flosser!

    This floss changed me from a reluctant flosser (I knew I should and tried to be good about it but by bedtime I'd tell myself I was too tired and skip...) into a floss evangelist! I actually look forward to flossing now - the flavors are so pleasant, the floss never shreds on the rough or tight areas between teeth, and my mouth feels so refreshed afterwards. I'm partial to the coconut flavor, but they're all really nice and not overpowering or fake-tasting. I will seriously not be buying any other brand of floss again - I'm a Cocoflosser for life.

  • Allison Watts - Deceptive sales pitch and denied warranty

    I bought a new Highlander Sept 2013. A sales person talked me into getting the complete Xzilon treatment of almost $2000. I was assured the treatment meant anything....ANYTHING....would be covered except maybe a knife through the seat. So when my son accidentilly dumped diesel in the floorboards I thought I was covered. NO!!!!! They denied my claim saying it was one of the exempted items covered in section XX, paragraph YY, subparagraph ZZ.....fine print..toxic substance

  • Burt - I would NOT recommend this software at all

    I would NOT recommend this software at all. I have tried to create custom backup's and have not been able to. I have followed the help instructions without success. To run the backup I need I must create a new backup and then run it immediately. I cannot create one that I can schedule because when the program closes the backup I created is lost.

  • brief review - Straight from the package insert: "In studies with minoxidil ...

    Straight from the package insert: "In studies with minoxidil topical solution 5%, hair regrowth has not been shown to last longer than 48 weeks of continuous treatment in large clinical trials." WTF, if you do get some regrowth it has NOT been shown to last longer than a year?!?! Putting this stuff on twice a day for results that have NOT been shown to last longer than 48 weeks in large clinical trials?!?!? Why did this even get

  • Alfred D. - function well. provide rear stereo, not true surround

    Sorry this review will be lengthy but I'm going to include information I wish I could have had clearly explained to me so I am offering it to you. I was finding mixed reviews but still wanted to try these speakers to see for myself. I bought a set from an electronics store to try and if they didn't work I could easily return them. As far as function these speakers do work well. I actually have alot of sound coming from them linked to a samsung k-450 soundbar. I can tell this by turning the rear speakers on and off in the audio settings of the sound bar. There is also a rear speaker level that you can adjust. These speakers do not however provide real surround sound even with the surround setting turned on in the sound bar. They are satellite speakers which only provide stereo. By placing them in the rear of the room it does fill the room with audio nicely and "surround" you with sound but it is not surround sound. The audio coming from these will be the same as what comes from the sound bar. Now going back to volume from them I do have quite a bit of sound from them. It really is a big difference but they aren't as loud as the sound bar which is where I feel people have reviewed them saying you can barely hear them. But my sound bar is 300watts the amplifier running these is 180watts so of course they wont be as loud as the sound bar itself. Linking was easy and I dont have any interference or white noise. So as a wrap up these speakers do function well as speakers in my opinion. They do not provide real surround but the do help your audio. They made my already great sounding audio better enough to justify the purchase.

  • flosslover - Great floss!

    I love this floss! I have been a die hard Mr Tungs flosser for a while but this is my new favorite. It tastes good, is strong and has a perfect weave to clean my teeth. I'm a little sad that it only comes in packages of 4, but I'm a convert!

  • Mark Vinette - GREAT PRODUCT

    I started using this in combination with Raspberry Ketones and found it made me stronger in my workouts. I have also been able to keep weight off with it. But remember, nothing is a miracle pill. I use it in combination with regular workouts and watch what I eat. I keep track of calories and always expend more calories than I use. If you are not wanting to loose weight then taking this along with the Keytones about 30 minutes prior to workout should help you to be able to move more weight.

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