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Associação Lusitana de Airsoft, APD - A ALA, APD é a entidade de regulamentação do Airsoft em Portugal e a directa representante da camada de jogadores nacionais.

Country:, Europe, PT

City: -9.1394 , Portugal

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  • Anonymous - Give this time

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  • Tackleberry - Everything Was Included To Make Them Work!

    The crossbars fit once I replaced the right side of each bar with the new mounting pieces included in the box. They look like OEM and I'm about to see how they hold up on a 600 mile trip from Florida to North Carolina with a loaded cargo box. So far so good.

  • JHendrickson - Approved by my three year old son.

    When we bought our house, it was 4 years old and the floors had a high gloss look to them that my wife and I just loved. Well, 7 years have passed and we've added two dogs and three kids to the mix and our once beautiful floors now look dull and lifeless. I did some research trying to find a good product to try and settled on this one.

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    I passed the test on the first try. Outstanding study materials in a very easy to understand fromat. I HIGHLY recommend this study material.

  • J. A. Utah - makes me feel weird when i take it

    makes me feel weird. i didn't see any increase, but i sure has alot more spit production . my head would pound sometimes while taking this too. i wouldn't recommend this.

  • D. Brown - An Excellent Workout!

    I usually pass on workout infomercials. I figure I would be wasting my money. I was intrigued the first time I saw the infomercial and thought It was doable. About 2 months later, I saw it again. I decided to give it a shot! I am glad that I did! I am in the fourth week and I have kept the 5 day a week schedule, who does that ? The workouts are motivating and are rotated each week so there's little chance of getting bored. And yes, there are modifications to keep you going! My husband has begun doing the workouts as well.

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