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  • Amazon Customer - No installation CD. No Instructions

    I rolled the dice on this because a couple of reviews offered tips to get the thing up and running and the price was right, in spite of the instructions being in a a foreign language. However, upon arrival, it has no instructions and no install cd. There is apparently no website of a parent company from which to download a driver. I am returning this device.

  • BillH - A very interesting 2010 technical review of the F1 season

    This review of the 2010 F1 technical advances has fascinating close-up illustrations of details that one doesn't normally see on TV or magazine coverage of Formula 1 cars. The illustrations seem to be all computer-generated although they look like colored hand-done drawings. It's hard to know just how accurate they are as the book contains no photographs. It appears that much of the art is taken from photos or on-the-scene sketches, although the author does not elaborate.

  • Harrison E - Pretty good

    It came nice enough but the paint they seemed to use for the face is a little on the cheap side it seems to me. I still like the product, but just something everyone should be wary of. It doesn't look as good as the picture.

  • Dr. John. - Slick and clean.

    Not a pro, just a hobby player and have used different kinds of oil. Al Cass is so much better. I play a Bach Strat 37 and a Yamaha student 232 vintage for fun. Both horns do well with this oil. The Bach works so much better. The Bach oil really didn't cut it but this stuff is like the Slick 50 for the trumpet. Valves are very happy. I can't say enough good about this oil. Yeah, the bottle is a little flimsy but if you're careful with it, no problems should emerge. Remember to keep your horn happy by keeping it clean and slides greased. great oil. Love it.

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