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  • Ashley - Thin and light weight and very quiet mouse clicks!

    I love the feel of this mouse, it is very thin and light weight! I'm am still getting adjusted to it since my old mouse was a lot bigger and heavier but so far my hand isn't cramping. It is plug and play and worked immediately after putting the USB dongle into place. It is very responsive and the mouse button clicks so quietly that you really don't hear it at all (definitely a plus if you need to use it in an office or meeting). It is rechargeable and comes with a cord for charging which can be done while you continue to work. There is also a power switch on the bottom to save battery when not in use.

  • Lightning City Book Reviews - hot, romantic and just smirk inducing funny

    Callie Hutton spins her Regency Rom/Com magic on this clever, witty, and steamy romantic romp! "Seducing the Marquess" has so many facets sweet and saucy, funny and smart, tender and passionate. The premise, for me at least, is quite clever for a Historical - a Regency period woman finds a "How to Spice Up Your Marriage" book and uses it to keep her husband from acquiring a new mistress. It's like going back in time and dropping book version of Cosmo off into 1800s London. Our Heroine is Lady Eugenia, known in her debutante dates as "The Ice Queen". A moniker she abhors. On the outside she is unshakeable, never a hair out of place, the perfect smile, and gown on display, and her household running like glass. Inside she's loved her husband since their courtship and wants to them to have a full marriage. Eugenia thought that the Marquess cared for her more personally during their courtship because he would often surprise her with special little presents - more than the stiff and requisite outings of an advantageous match. They've been married 5 months and Devon's kept his mistress though that is what is expected by the ton. Eugenia wants … more. Beneath the rigorous training that her mother instilled in her to be the proper and perfect wife for a Marquess she is a woman who wants the knowledge that will keep her husband satisfied and home every night. At the onset she's at a loss as to what to do and when she finds a "handbook" she grows beyond merely the seduction aspect and becomes a - free thinker! The Hero is Richard, the Marquess of Devon, known as Devon - is the archetypal member of the ton. In fact, he and his Lady are quite popular - their very presence at a musicale, ball, or rout is a coup for the host. He learned what the role as a husband entails from his father and truth be told he's not comfortable with it and is merely going through the motions and putting up a convincing façade. Devon isn't an Alpha Hero, but in this book he goes through a myriad of personalities: the proper British husband, the smitten husband, the guilty lusting over his delicate sensibilities wife, the possessive husband, and the vengeful and jealous husband. Both of these characters have their fabulous comedic moments and the action is solidly focused on the two of them. The last 10 pages or so are hot, romantic and just smirk inducing funny. The last 4 lines - fantastic!

  • Omieluv - Great Toner

    Overall, I really like Suki products and have purchased this toner twice for myself and gave it as a gift to my mom (who likes it too). Given this, I think it is quite clear I'm a fan! Typically, I spray this on after I wash my face. I also find myself spraying myself for a refresher through the day, as sometimes my skin gets oily or I just need to wake up.

  • Don DeVito - Good magazine, great golf tips from Butch Harmon and ...

    Good magazine, great golf tips from Butch Harmon and Tom Watson. Print is a bit small both on the Kindle and in the magazine.

  • Renkatron - great variety of examples

    I ordered this text because I already had another GRE Prep text and was looking for some more variety in the practice questions and exams. This text offers many different examples for each type of question and multiple practice exams.

  • seahawker - Works great and well worth the money.

    Everything works as advertised. The only complaint I have (and I probably should'nt) is the extra apps available. Nero wants you to pay for the full versions. But I'll have to admit I'll probably shell out the money because I could use many of them. Even without the extra Apps the product is well worth the money.

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