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  • Pat Miller - Great Results

    With my shoulder length, straight hair, keeping body and curls in it is nearly impossible; until I tried Calista! The product does not weigh your hair down, does not feel sticky or stiff. The only caution I have is that you need to really work the product before scrunching it into your hair (after hair has been almost completely styled); otherwise it cannot do its job. A dime size squirt in the palm of your hand (followed by clapping the hands together until strings form) is all you need for longer hair. My style and curls last all day now!

  • KJMickey - Good stuff!

    Really like this product!!! I have skin that is quite sensitive to tanning beds and the sun too. I get a rash when out at the beginning of the summer season. Treys this in the tanning bed while getting ready for a trip to Mexico and I haven't gotten the rash at all!! Don't know that it gets me darker than other lotions but it is very moisturizing and has a great feel. My only complaint is I'm not in love with the smell.

  • Laura Stewart - Still Great and Relevant 10 Years Later!

    This one's been on my "to read" list for years until I finally got around to it recently. I always wanted to know what differentiated a truly great company from the also-rans. The book is incredibly well researched and details what makes a great leader, for example. Surprisingly the "Level 5" leaders were the lower key executives - not at all like Steve Jobs. These CEO's also placed a premium on getting the "right people on the bus" and found ways to keep them motivated so they'd stay at the company. Perhaps one of the biggest takeaways for me was how to create a culture of discipline - which frees you and your employees up - creates less bureaucracy and increases your competitive edge.

  • Kay M - Wow, it works!

    Having a combination skin of a little bit at the oily side, this stuff is perfect! It smells good, it DID brighten my skin tone, and my wrinkles are not too visible. If you have a bit dry skin, then you probably don't want this as it's not a heavy moisturizer. After I use a toner, I only use this product before I apply my foundation. Great to have SPF 30 protection too so I can skip my sunscreen!

  • tom68 - sportsstuff Fiesta Island

    Several weeks ago i purchased the sportsstuff Fiesta Island blow up raft for the spring boating season.Ever since i brought it home me and my kids could not wait to use it! The first time we brought it on the boat it was a little difficult to store, but when it came time to use it it we pumped it up with an electrical pump in about 5 minutes. This raft was very enjoyable to use, you can fit about 5 adults and a cupple kids comfortably. when we where done using it it deflated easily. The product is a little on the heavy side but nothing back breaking. i would rec amend the sportsstuff Fiesta Island to some one who wants to just relax on the water and let their kids have fun.

  • jay stricker - best thermogenic I've tried yet

    I started taking these yesterday morning. I take one in the morning with a small breakfast and then another about six hours later with a snack. My energy is unparalleled. I have tried several different thermogenics and so far, this is the best. I normally walk about 40 to 45 minutes per day, today I walked 55 minutes and burned over 500 cal. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. supposedly, if you are active, these pills will burn up to three times the calories that you normally would in an activity. So if the treadmill says I burned 503 calories I actually burned 1509? I will be happy to give it 30 days and re-review based on my weight loss. I read a lot of really scary reviews around this product. People were going to the hospital, getting sick, etc but I think these are isolated to those that have allergies. I had no issues with nausea or break outs, but I have no allergies either.

  • Rollie D. Newton - The software is easy to use, but it won't let me e-file.

    I am retired and have HSA savings. There is a glitch in the H&R Block program this year that keeps you from e-filing your returns if you don't have a high deductible insurance plan, but do have a HSA account that you used to pay medical expenses. I contacted H&R Block twice and was finally told that even though my tax returns looked fine, I would have to print and mail in my federal and state returns. So my five free e-files got reduced to zero. Last year I had the same situation with the HSA, but I had no problem with the e-files.

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