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Welcome - Amanda Crawshaw - I am a degree qualified, experienced practitioner providing Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Sports and Swedish Massage in Leeds and Keighley, West Yorkshire.

  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/portfolio/ Complementary Therapies | Massage Therapies | Leeds - Amanda Crawshaw - Looking for Complementary Massage Therapies in Leeds? Amanda Crawshaw provides professional full service treatments to aid a wide range of aches and pains.
  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/portfolio/acupuncture/ Acupuncture in Leeds and Keighley - Amanda Crawshaw - Effective Acupuncture treatments for treating pain and many other conditions. With a special interest in supporting fertility, IVF and pregnancy.
  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/portfolio/shiatsu/ Shiatsu in Leeds and Keighley - Amanda Crawshaw - Relaxing, supportive Shiatsu with experienced practitioner. Good for treating many conditions, including support through pregnancy and during labour.
  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/portfolio/therapeutic-massage/ Therapeutic Massage - Amanda Crawshaw - Therapeutic (Swedish) Massage Swedish massage is a relaxing, full body massage and uses a variety of light massage strokes and techniques in order to allow
  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/portfolio/sports-massage/ Sports Massage - Amanda Crawshaw - What is Sports Massage? Sports massage is an effective form of deep tissue massage. It is based on swedish massage plus other massage techniques such as st
  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/about/ About me - Amanda Crawshaw - My interest in complementary health originates from my curiosity of how the body works, Far East culture and philosophies and people!  I love the opportuni
  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/testimonials/ Testimonials - Amanda Crawshaw - See what a selection of my complementary therapy customers have said about my services.
  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/contact-us/ Contact - Amanda Crawshaw - Our Addresses Balance Natural Health, Suite 5D, Gledhow Mount Mansion, 32 Roxholme Grove, Leeds LS7 4JJ Farfield House Clinic 105 North Street Keighley BD2
  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/fees/ Fees - Amanda Crawshaw - Fees and length of sessions Therapy Length of session Cost Acupuncture 1st session including consultation 1 and a half hours £50 Acupuncture follow up sess
  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/current-offers/ Current Offers - Amanda Crawshaw - **GIFT VOUCHERS** Wondering what to buy for your loved ones and friends for their birthdays or this Christmas?  Look no further! You could buy them a gift
  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/10-off-your-next-session-with-amanda-or-donate-your-10-to-the-flood-victims-in-yorkshire-cumbria/ ** 10% off your next session with Amanda - or, donate your 10% to the flood victims in Yorkshire & Cumbria ** - Amanda Crawshaw - Book your next session with Amanda during January 2016 and you can either claim your 10% off your session, or you can donate it to the flood victims in Yor
  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/new-uk-research-study-into-unexplained-miscarriage-get-involved/ New UK research study into unexplained miscarriage - get involved! - Amanda Crawshaw - The TABLET trial is an important research study which is looking at the role of thyroid antibodies in women with unexplained miscarriage. The researchers a
  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/now-google-2/ Now on Google +! - Amanda Crawshaw - Joining Google + has been one of those things that I have been meaning to do for a long time now as there are so many different Social Media services. This
  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/gift-voucher-sale-december-2013/ **Gift voucher sale - through December 2013 only!** - Amanda Crawshaw - Thinking of buying a gift voucher this Christmas?  Buy any amount gift voucher through December 2013 and get 10% off the price! I.e., buy a £40 gift vouche
  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/shiatsu-awareness-month/ **Shiatsu awareness month** - Amanda Crawshaw - What is Shiatsu?  To find out about it and what it can do for you, read about it on the Shiatsu page of my website.  Or, if you would like to try this wond
  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/free-shiatsu-20-min-tasters-this-saturday/ **Free Shiatsu 20 min tasters this Saturday!** - Amanda Crawshaw - As part of our celebration for Chapel Allerton Arts Festival this coming weekend, we will be offering 20 minute free Shiatsu tasters at the clinic between
  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/are-you-s-a-d-acupuncture-could-help-try-it-before-march-31st-2013-and-get-20-off-your-first-session-at-amanda-crawshaw-acupuncture/ Are you S.A.D? Acupuncture could help. Try it before March 31st 2013 and get 20% off your first session at Amanda Crawshaw Acupuncture - Amanda Crawshaw - Here we are in February in the midst of our winter with its dark and cold nights! The low light levels that we have now endured for three or more months ca
  • https://www.amandacrawshaw.co.uk/privacy-policy/ Privacy Policy - Amanda Crawshaw - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec enim risus, mollis quis aliquam a, viverra et orci. Integer libero sem, gravida vulputate se

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  • Amazon Customer - It's a must have book, enough said. Think ...

    It's a must have book, enough said. Think about it this way, the exam writers are assuming that all students will be using this book as well another popular Qbank. So a lot of the questions will be based on that presumption. It's a must have/foundational book.

  • Laurie Mcginnity - Great Price for a good product

    I usually purchase from my local market because it goes on sale every so often but recently it has been full price prompting me to look on line. Paid $8 less on line for the same thing. Easy to use and really helps me to feel better every 4-6 months.

  • Tink - Not sure why so many bad reviews. THIS is AMAZING

    Not sure why so many bad reviews. THIS is AMAZING. I have tried several different options for facial hair removal ,by far this is the best. On my upper lip and chin hair I get a baby butt smooth finish make sure you do not use the flat head for these 2 places and yo uwill get a perfect face. The straight edge is good for arms, toes, knees. You must get the correct angle and go slow. It also worked great on my bikini area and so far I have had no itching in that area or razor bumps. I say a must purchase ladies

  • Kevin Rosenthall - Intelligence gone wild

    It's like adding an upgrade to your car. Genius little device with great support community behind it (esp on LXForums.com).

  • Ruth Smith - Great Flea Product!!

    We have been using nasty chemicals on our dogs and in our house this year that has been the worst flea infestation I have ever seen. None of these products were working and the fleas just kept getting worse and worse. We found this product after researching organic remedies for fleas. This was a GREAT find!! We are finally getting results and almost have our flea problem under control. The house smells great after treating with this product. Thank you Vets Best for a great product...I would recommend this to everyone battling those pesky fleas!! Bring on tick season we are armed now!

  • bret ralston - Fit fine. Looks are okay.

    These wheel covers fit just fine. They don't look quite as good as the Toyota OEM covers (especially if you are fond of logos), but they are well worth the price. Good value for what we paid. I would buy them again.

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