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  • Heinlein - Beware!

    Works ok I never got a virus I was aware of but in my opinion the update and agreement that came with it is a invasion privacy and you can not stop the update nag if you don't want to update to the new release with built in social networking or agree to their terms.

  • Alicia - It's fantastic!

    When we purchased our current home, our old style wifi router just simply couldn't keep up with the larger space and multiple walls. (For reference: We have 3200sq ft and it's two story) I did quite a bit to research in to the mesh options and decided to go with the Netgear Orbi. I am so glad we did. The installation was super easy (I'm not a tech person at all) and we were up and running in no time. The office is in the front of the house, and we could not get a signal in the living room or upstairs with the old router-now we have it everywhere and the speed is really fast! I'm very happy with the purchase and would definitely recommend it!

  • MsNing - Good

    I enjoyed this first book but i feel like I don't know much about the other species i wish authors would list the reading orders so we can read in order i think you need to read about the ujal first to understand melissa's family of course noone tells you this until you read the book and there is no explanation then you are like wth. I'm confused about how the first group got to earth the book doesn't explain much of the preor either i feel like there is a gap in the story line i like the characters but would be better if we knew the whole story

  • Michael J. Beaudoin - A Great Escape

    "Where does time go?" As with any great story, Chasing Mayflies instantly removed the surrounding world, enabling me to get lost in the moment. The beginning of Pidge and Denny's tale is reminiscent of a rollercoaster's initial climb - pure anticipation and excitement for the dips and turns to come.

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