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Amy Paturel: Home - Freelance writer specializing in food & nutrition, health, travel and has worked with magazines such as Health, SHAPE, Men's Health, and Marie Claire. Services offered include editing, copy writing, proofreading, ghost writing and mentoring.

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  • Jacob M. Olson - With that said it isn't bad either. You can't beet the price

    Pace is not gourmet salsa. With that said it isn't bad either. You can't beet the price. Alot of supermarkets charge $5 for a 16oz jar of salsa.

  • Kim Scheinberg - Crashes XP SP3 - have to restart machine

    I researched backup programs for XP and got this one for my mother in laws XP machine. I have over 35 years experience working in the software development field so I'm not a novice. So far this software is terrible. After having to type in a 64 digit hexadecimal key three times to get it right, finishing the install, and starting to setup the software, her machine crashed into the XP black screen with text and the crash info. I had to restart in Safe Mode and remove the software to keep from crashing. I only had 90 minutes (which should have been plenty) to set this up so I had to give up.

  • Breezy - like it

    Love how this works. The only thing I do not like about it was how big the tree prints out. I would have liked it to print on one sheet.

  • LibraryCutie - BEAUTIFUL!!!

    If you've read Rachel's The Summer Games: Settling the Score, then you might have been introduced to Georgie's character then. If you haven't, have no fear, this book is a beautiful standalone and you don't need to read anything before this.

  • badassfrog - awesome drip pans

    I have a hotpoint electric stove and these pans are vastly superior to the factory chrome cheapies that came with it, they in fact are heavy porcelain coated and very well made. I was going to buy these at Walmart but they cost 11.99 for 2, I bought 4 on Amazon for that price. I am very happy with my purchase and would urge anyone looking for a better pan to do so as well.

  • Kezington - Could be better

    I've been taking this product for 10 days now. The AM blend is amazing it helps me stay focused in class and take notes better it's perfect don't change a thing. The PM blend makes my heart race when I try to fall asleep, I make it through the night but it is a restless sleep and since school has started back for me I need all the sleep I can get. Overall this a good product would I pay a 100 bucks for it again probably not.

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